Air Supply – “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Air Supply’s “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” is a complex tune that explores love’s enigmatic nature. It delves into how love can manifest in various ways, even when it seems like there’s ‘nothing at all’ to base it on. The song is about a man who claims to know many things—how to scheme, lie, and even make stadiums rock. But he’s stumped when it comes to love, especially how his partner can make love seem like a magical thing conjured from nothingness. This 1980s hit aims to highlight the transformative, mysterious power of love, leaving us to ponder if love can indeed be created ‘out of nothing at all.’

Curious why this Air Supply classic is more than just an epic love song? Let’s dive into the hidden depths of these lyrical waters and discover their true meaning.

“Making Love Out of Nothing at All” Lyrics Meaning

Let’s start with “I know just how to whisper, And I know just how to cry.” The song’s narrator seems to be a master manipulator. He knows how to play his cards right, both in emotional and practical matters. He’s got the playbook to life but remains perplexed by love.

He then reveals, “I don’t know how to leave you, And I’ll never let you fall, And I don’t know how you do it, Making love out of nothing at all.” Despite all his life’s wisdom, he’s genuinely baffled by the magic his lover can create. This stands as the central mystery of the song.

“Every time I see you all the rays of the sun are streaming through the waves in your hair,” continues to illustrate his wonderment. She transforms everyday moments into something extraordinary, and he’s captivated. His heart is “looking for a rhythm like you.”

Now, to the crux, “You can take the darkness at the pit of the night and turn it into a beacon burning endlessly bright.” This line hits home the most. It suggests that love is not just about the fluff and sparkle; it’s transformative. Love is the light in the darkness, the something that emerges from nothing.

“I’ve got to follow it ’cause everything I know, Well, it’s nothing ’til I give it to you,” sums up the revelation. All the things he knows, the mastery he has over life, don’t amount to much unless he can share it with his love. This forms the epiphany he reaches. He understands that love is about sharing and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. And that’s the magic his partner brings into his life.

The Story Behind “Making Love Out of Nothing at All”

The song was penned by renowned songwriter Jim Steinman, who is also known for epic hits like “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” At the time of writing, Steinman was at the peak of his career, writing grandiose numbers often soaked in melodrama and ripe with intricate meanings.

In the 1980s, love songs were all the rage, but Steinman wanted to explore the concept of love in a way that wasn’t straightforward. He wanted to look at love as a paradox, a mystery, something that defied even those who thought they knew it all.

And so, “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” was born. Air Supply, consisting of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, were already well-known for their emotional ballads, and the song seemed a perfect fit for their style. It became one of the iconic songs of the ’80s and remains a staple on love song playlists to this day.

Steinman wrote the song as a kind of narrative puzzle, leading the listener down a winding path of self-discovery as experienced by the song’s protagonist. The songwriter also wanted to touch upon the idea that sometimes love is inexplicable. It can’t always be dissected or understood, and perhaps that’s what makes it so magical and appealing.

This is precisely why the song still resonates with audiences today. It taps into the universal feeling of awe and bewilderment that love often brings, making its message and impact timeless.