Avenged Sevenfold – “So Far Away” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Avenged Sevenfold’s “So Far Away” is a poignant tribute to the band’s late drummer, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. At its core, it’s a song about loss, remembrance, and the relentless march of time. It conveys the pain of living without someone dear, underscoring the message with heartfelt questions about enduring such a loss. But it’s not just about sorrow; it’s also a testament to the memories that remain, the eternal nature of love, and the hope of reuniting in another realm. The lead guitarist, Synyster Gates penned this song, navigating through the turbulent emotions stemming from the sudden loss of his best friend, The Rev.

Are you curious about how each lyric ties into this touching tribute? And what inspired such raw emotion in the song? Keep reading; there’s a deep sea of sentiment here.

“So Far Away” Lyrics Meaning

The opening lines set a tone of reverence, emphasizing how The Rev lived his life full-throttle, fearless, and with a kind heart. “Lived a life so endlessly” highlights his passionate approach to life, always eager to make a difference. “Never shamed but never free” touches upon the internal struggles he may have faced, which many weren’t privy to.

“Will you stay? Will you stay away forever?” Here, the agony of loss becomes palpable. The lyrics question the permanence of death and the anguish of living without a cherished soul.

“How do I live without the ones I love?” is perhaps the most heart-wrenching line, putting into words a sentiment many feel but find hard to express. It’s a direct reflection of Synyster’s feelings, echoing the overwhelming grief one feels after the loss of someone integral to their life.

“Place and time always on my mind” delves into the constant reminders of the departed, with memories persisting in every corner of the mind. The mention of the “book it’s burned” implies that time may fade memories, yet their essence remains.

“Sleep tight, I’m not afraid” suggests acceptance and the comforting thought that loved ones are in a better place. And in “To live eternally,” there’s a hint at the afterlife, suggesting hope for a reunion beyond this world.

The closing lines, “I’ll see you, when He lets me,” combine faith with raw emotion. It captures the pain of wanting to reunite with The Rev, but also acknowledging that everything is in destiny’s hands.

The Story Behind “So Far Away”

Avenged Sevenfold experienced a massive jolt with the untimely demise of their drummer and friend, The Rev. This loss was not just professional but deeply personal, as the members shared close-knit bonds with him.

Writing “So Far Away” became a therapeutic outlet for Synyster Gates. It was his way of coming to terms with grief, cherishing memories, and expressing the profound void left by The Rev’s departure. The Rev was not just a band member but also a childhood friend of Synyster, making the loss even more profound.

The state of mind while writing this song was a complex blend of sorrow, remembrance, hope, and acceptance. The song serves as a bridge connecting the living with the departed, ensuring that while The Rev may be physically distant, he remains close in spirit, forever cherished in the annals of time and memory.