Bad Omens – “Just Pretend” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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At its core, “Just Pretend” by Bad Omens is a deeply emotional ballad that unravels the struggle of a soul caught in a quagmire of internal conflict and unrequited love. The lyrics hint at a personal battle, with the protagonist wrestling with their sins, pining for forgiveness, and yearning for acceptance. The recurrent lines ‘So will you wait me out / Or will you drown me out?’ signify this yearning for a second chance, a pleading for understanding. Interestingly, there’s a thread of hope woven through the lyricist’s anguish, embodied in the lines ‘We’ll try again / When we’re not so different / We will make amends’. The song seems to be a confession, a cry for understanding and reconciliation, a plea for patience.

Step into a heartrending journey of acceptance, self-reflection, and unending yearning. Unveil the depth of emotion and raw sentiment concealed within the lyrics of Bad Omens’ “Just Pretend”.

“Just Pretend” Lyrics Meaning

Opening with the words “I’m not afraid of the war you’ve come to wage against my sins”, the song paints an initial picture of resistance and bravery, a confrontation against a moral struggle. The protagonist’s admission “I’m not okay, but I can try my best to just pretend” points to a state of emotional unrest and a façade of normalcy.

The recurring refrain, “So will you wait me out / Or will you drown me out?” is a powerful representation of the protagonist’s inner conflict and his plea for understanding. He oscillates between hope and despair, wanting to be waited for, yet dreading the possibility of being overwhelmed and silenced.

The verses “I can wait for you at the bottom / I can stay away if you want me to / I could wait for years if I gotta / Heaven knows I ain’t getting over you” mirror the depth of the protagonist’s love. His patience is a testament to his devotion and he is ready to wait, even if it takes years.

The lines “I know the pain that you hide behind the smile on your face / And not a day goes by where I don’t think I feel the same” are expressions of empathy, revealing that he recognizes and shares the pain hidden beneath her smiles. This shared suffering creates a sense of connection between them.

The resolution, “We’ll try again / When we’re not so different / We will make amends / Till then I’ll just pretend” signifies a hope for reconciliation in the future. Until then, the protagonist is resigned to his fate, bearing his pain silently and continuing to pretend.

This deep dive into the song lyrics, piece by piece, uncovers a poignant tale of pain, hope, longing, and resilience. It’s a portrait of a heart trying to navigate the stormy seas of love and remorse. Yet there are still elements to unravel, elements tied to the song’s creation, which can add further depth to our understanding.

The Story Behind “Just Pretend”

The creation of a song is often influenced by the songwriter’s experiences, emotions, and state of mind during that period. “Just Pretend” by Bad Omens is no exception.

At the time of the song’s inception, the songwriter seemed to be grappling with complex emotions, likely dealing with a situation of intense personal turmoil and love unreciprocated. This isn’t just a song; it’s a form of catharsis, an outlet for the profound sentiments and thoughts that needed to be voiced.

The lyrics vividly illustrate an inner struggle, indicating that the songwriter was in a state of deep introspection. The courage to confront their sins, the determination to pretend normalcy amidst emotional turbulence, and the resilience to endure unrequited love – all point to a songwriter trying to cope with a profound internal conflict.

The shared pain, the longing for understanding and acceptance, suggests that the song may be a heartfelt appeal to someone specific – possibly a love interest. The depth of the feelings conveyed and the plea for patience and reconciliation give a sense of a relationship fraught with misunderstanding yet holding a glimmer of hope.

Moreover, the refrain ‘We’ll try again / When we’re not so different / We will make amends’, is a testament to the songwriter’s faith in a more harmonious future. Despite the intense emotional upheaval, there remains an optimism, a belief in the potential for change and reconciliation.

The creation of “Just Pretend” is a testament to the power of music as an expressive medium, revealing how personal experiences, feelings, and states of mind can transform into a universally relatable piece of art. Delving into its backstory has only enriched our understanding of the song, providing a comprehensive picture of the emotional landscape that inspired its creation.

Thus, the narrative of “Just Pretend” is not merely a tale of personal struggle and unrequited love. It’s a manifestation of the songwriter’s resilience, hope, and undying faith in the healing power of time and change. This powerful combination of raw emotion and poetic expression makes “Just Pretend” a song that resonates deeply with its listeners, offering comfort and companionship to those who may be navigating similar emotional waters.