Bad Suns – “Cardiac Arrest” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Cardiac Arrest” by Bad Suns captures the turmoil and intensity of a turbulent relationship, symbolized through vivid metaphors such as “cardiac arrest” and “high voltage in her lips.” The song’s pulse races through struggles and temptations, unveiling a narrative of passion and vulnerability. It paints the relatable picture of being trapped in an emotional cycle, reflective of the human condition’s complex tapestry.

Curious about the emotional and lyrical depths of Bad Suns’ “Cardiac Arrest”? Venture further to explore the charged emotions and striking symbolism embedded within this poetic musical piece!

“Cardiac Arrest” Lyrics Meaning

“Cardiac Arrest” takes us on an emotionally charged journey right from the opening lines. The artist expresses a sense of disillusionment, conveyed through “I think I’m over this,” indicating a struggle with enduring difficulties within a relationship. The recurring phrase, “I can hear it now, oh no, oh no,” signifies a sense of impending dread, possibly indicative of cyclical relationship patterns.

The symbolic “high voltage in her lips” and “like cardiac arrest” reflect the intense, electrifying nature of the relationship, suggesting it’s both exhilarating and precarious. These metaphors express the duality within passion—it’s enchanting yet fraught with danger. It’s a vivid portrayal of emotional investment, “how much do I invest?”, underscoring the inherent risks and the balance one tries to maintain in love.

“My innards turn, your eyes, they roll; I’ll be there to take the fall,” these lines reveal a dynamic of emotional turmoil and sacrifice. It portrays a willingness to endure pain, a selflessness often found in tumultuous relationships, manifesting the complexities within interpersonal connections.

“Same old story since day one, but I’ve got no place to run,” this elucidates the recurring nature of the troubles experienced, emphasizing a sense of entrapment and inevitability within the chaotic dance of love. The entwined fate and the persistent patterns within relationships are aptly encapsulated here.

The Story Behind “Cardiac Arrest”

When Bad Suns created “Cardiac Arrest,” they delved into the realm of human relationships and their multifaceted emotional landscapes. The song seems to mirror the internal conflicts and varied emotions one experiences when immersed in love’s complexities. It’s likely that the song was born from a reflection on relationships’ inherent struggles, unveiling the layers of vulnerability, passion, and sacrifice entwined within.

The band has expertly juxtaposed intense emotions with a rhythmic, catchy melody, perhaps as a metaphorical representation of the contrast between the enthralling and the distressing elements within relationships. The song stands as a musical exploration of the human heart and its inherent propensities, exposing the intricate dance between desire and despair.

“Cardiac Arrest” is not just a musical composition but a profound exploration of the emotional intricacies within human connections. It serves as a reminder of the perpetual tension between pleasure and pain, love and loss, showcasing Bad Suns’ ability to translate the human experience into musical poetry. The piece is a testament to the universal themes of love and turmoil, resonating with anyone who has felt the pulsating beats of a passionate encounter.