Beach House – “Silver Soul” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Silver Soul” by Beach House is an enchanting track layered with profound depth. Its lyrics dive into the complexities of relationships and the cyclical nature of life. The song revolves around the theme of repetition, using metaphoric depictions of love as a ‘silver soul,’ indicating a precious, almost ethereal bond. The recurrence of ‘It is happening again’ underscores the cycles we experience in relationships and personal growth. Despite the significant role of the ‘other,’ the song subtly emphasizes individual experience and personal perception.

If you’re captivated by the mystery of song lyrics and the beauty of their hidden meanings, you’ll want to dive deeper into our exploration of “Silver Soul” by Beach House.

“Silver Soul” Lyrics Meaning

The song begins with “Gather matters of the heart / So we can act a fool / It’s incomplete without you.” These lines hint at an intimate connection between two individuals. This could signify the vulnerability of being in love, expressing feelings that might seem foolish in retrospect. The phrase ‘It’s incomplete without you’ strengthens the dependency on the other person, suggesting that their love story is incomplete without both participants.

“The silver soul is running through / It’s a vision, complete illusion, yeah.” The ‘silver soul’ could be a metaphor for the essence of their love – pure, valuable, and untarnished. It ‘running through’ signifies the pervasive influence of love in their lives. However, the ‘complete illusion’ aspect might suggest that what they perceive as perfect love could be an illusion, highlighting the imperfections inherent in relationships.

“The needle on the spinning wheel / Collecting silver coil / It gathers heat without you / Whether or not you’re turned from it / It’s a quick turn / To let us in, yeah.” Here, the ‘spinning wheel’ and ‘needle’ may symbolize the cyclical nature of life and love – constantly turning, collecting experiences (silver coil). It also suggests the self-sustaining nature of personal growth (‘gathers heat without you’), indicating that regardless of the relationship status, life continues.

“It is happening again” is repeated throughout the song, emphasizing the cyclical, repeating patterns in life and relationships. It might refer to the recurring instances of love, heartbreak, or personal growth.

“The bodies lying in the sand / They’re moving in the dark / It is so quick to let us in / We feel it moving through our skin / It’s a sickness, infinite quickness, yeah.” This segment could be portraying a sensual moment or a shared experience between the two individuals. The ‘sickness, infinite quickness’ might denote the overpowering, almost intoxicating nature of their connection.

The song appears to be more than just a romantic story – it’s a narrative about life’s cyclical nature, the illusion and reality of love, and the continual process of personal growth.

The Story Behind “Silver Soul”

To fully comprehend the depth of “Silver Soul,” it’s essential to delve into the context and mindset of the songwriter during its creation. Beach House, consisting of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, has been known for their distinct dream-pop sound and profound, metaphor-rich lyrics.

The band released “Silver Soul” as a part of their 2010 album ‘Teen Dream.’ This album signified a transformational phase in Beach House’s musical journey, marked by a more expansive sound and a deeper exploration of complex emotions.

At the time of writing “Silver Soul,” Victoria and Alex were navigating their blossoming careers and personal lives, which can be felt in the song’s nuanced themes. It reflects an understanding of love and relationships as complicated, sometimes illusionary, but invariably precious (‘silver soul’) experiences.

The notion of cyclical patterns (‘It is happening again’) could also be influenced by their career in music – a continual cycle of writing, recording, performing, and starting all over again. Similarly, this could be a reflection of the universal cycles of life and love, with their ebbs and flows.

Furthermore, the sense of individualism that pervades the song may be a reflection of their individual artistic growth within the duo. The phrases ‘It gathers heat without you’ and ‘Whether or not you’re turned from it’ might hint towards the autonomy and self-sufficiency in personal development, irrespective of others’ involvement.

In essence, “Silver Soul” can be perceived as a mirror to Beach House’s own experience at the time – navigating the intriguing intersections of personal growth, relationships, and the undulating journey of life and artistry.