Boston – “Hitch a Ride” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Boston’s “Hitch a Ride” is about the desire to escape a seemingly dark, oppressive environment and find freedom and light. The songwriter portrays vivid imagery of a grim New York City and describes a longing to leave it all behind for a place of peace and freedom. The recurring theme is one of departure, of hitching a ride away from the melancholy and towards the light, where the sun lights another day. This is a metaphor for liberation of the mind and soul, for seeking a place untouched by the sorrows encapsulated in the city’s steel and smoke.

Curious about the intricacies of “Hitch a Ride” by Boston? Read on to explore the deep emotions and vivid imagery behind the lyrics and the story of the song’s creation, you might find it resonates with your own journey.

“Hitch a Ride” Lyrics Meaning

Boston’s “Hitch a Ride” unfolds a journey from darkness to light. The initial lyrics paint a picture of New York City as a place where day is synonymous with night, emphasizing a domain shrouded in darkness. The “smoke” symbolizes pervasive trouble, and the “steel idle trees” portray an unnatural, stifling environment, a contrast to the organic, flourishing trees found in nature.

The protagonist is desperate to escape, to “hitch a ride” to the “other side,” representing a better place, leaving the city’s despair behind. This side is where the “sun lights another day,” symbolizing hope, renewal, and a fresh start. It’s a journey of the soul seeking the “freedom of my mind,” a quest for mental liberation and peace.

The refrain “Gonna sail away” underscores the wish for departure and freedom, with “sail” portraying a smooth, undisturbed journey. The repetition of “for the last time” reveals a determination to make this escape permanent, suggesting a profound discontent with the current state of existence.

The line “People freeze the tears I cry” underscores the isolation and lack of empathy perceived in this environment, with “words of hell” further emphasizing the profound distress experienced. The protagonist’s resolve to “crack this ice and fly” signals a powerful need to break free from this cold, unfeeling world, and to rise above, transcending the difficulties.

The Story Behind “Hitch a Ride”

The lyrics of “Hitch a Ride” emerged from a place of contemplation and reflection on the human condition, and specifically, the hardships and the isolating aspects of city life. The songwriter uses New York City as a symbol for a place where the natural essence of life is replaced with steel, emotions are frozen, and darkness prevails over light. It’s conceivable that the writer was in a state of mental turmoil and dissatisfaction with the surrounding environment, feeling entrapped by the coldness and isolation prevailing in the urban setting.

The song’s essence is not about the physical escape but the transcendence from a state of despair to one of freedom and enlightenment. The writer’s state of mind during the creation of this song is perceptible as one of longing, not just for a geographical change, but for a metamorphosis of the soul, for a life where the mind is unchained, and the spirit is unburdened. The song’s metaphors and poignant symbolism mirror this yearning and illustrate the internal struggle, perhaps derived from personal experiences or observations, conveying a universal message of the human desire for liberation and self-realization.

The song, thus, becomes a musical journey of seeking escape, of fighting the harsh, freezing reality, and of finding one’s way to the light, to a place where the soul can breathe, where the mind can find its freedom, and where the heart can find its warmth.