Calum Scott – “Biblical” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Biblical” is a heart-rending anthem of profound love and connection. It delves into the overwhelming emotions and the transformative power of finding someone who changes everything. The songwriter speaks to the depth and purity of love, likening it to biblical proportions to emphasize its significance and depth. It’s about the kind of love that defies logic and reason, where gravity loses its meaning, and the light of this love silences the darkest demons. Scott penned this song as a tribute to the kind of love that everyone yearns for but few find, showcasing his desire to share a lifetime with the one he loves, to have it all with them. This song isn’t just a declaration of love; it’s an exploration of the fear of loss and the promise of steadfast support, no matter the challenges.

If you’re intrigued by the power of love to transform and transcend, “Biblical” by Calum Scott offers a deep dive into the heart of what it means to love and be loved. Keep reading to unravel the layers of this beautifully penned song.

“Biblical” Lyrics Meaning

“Biblical” starts with a confession of unexpected falling in love, describing it as a force so powerful it defies gravity itself. This opening sets the stage for a song that explores the intensity and purity of love, comparing it to the monumental and profound. When Scott sings, “Didn’t know that I’d fall so hard, Then my feet left the ground,” he’s talking about the surprise and awe of discovering such a profound connection, one that lifts him beyond the ordinary experiences of life.

The lyrics then navigate through the struggles of internal demons and the significant role this love plays in overcoming personal battles. The line “I come up against myself when demons in my head get loud” speaks to the internal conflicts we all face, with the song highlighting how love has the power to quiet those demons, providing a sense of peace and clarity.

The chorus, with its plea for a commitment that spans a lifetime, “So won’t you give me tonight, And the rest of your life? I wanna have it all with you,” underscores the song’s central theme of desiring an all-encompassing love. Scott isn’t just talking about a fleeting moment of passion; he’s expressing a deep yearning for a permanent, unbreakable bond.

When Scott describes love as “biblical,” he elevates it to a sacred level, suggesting that the connection between the lovers is not just profound but also divine. This comparison to biblical proportions suggests a love that is legendary, timeless, and deeply spiritual.

The Story Behind “Biblical”

Scott was introspective when he wrote this song, pondering the nature of love and its impact on the human soul. He sought to capture the essence of a profound and life-altering love that it feels predestined, almost divine in nature. This song is his attempt to articulate the indescribable, to paint a picture of love that is as vast and deep as the stories told in the Bible.

In interviews, Scott has discussed how the song was inspired by his observations of love’s power to transform lives, to bring light into darkness, and to offer hope where there was once despair. He has spoken about the universality of the song’s message, hoping it resonates with anyone who has experienced love’s transformative power or yearns to.

“Biblical” is more than just a song; it’s a narrative of Scott’s evolution and his philosophical musings on love. It encapsulates a moment in his life where he was grappling with the enormity of his feelings, trying to understand how love can be both a sanctuary and a force that compels one to face their deepest fears. Through “Biblical,” Scott invites listeners into his world, sharing a piece of his heart and his journey towards understanding the true essence of love.