Cheriimoya & Sierra Kidd – “Living Life, In The Night” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Living Life, In The Night” by Cheriimoya and Sierra Kidd delves into a narrative of personal struggles and nocturnal resilience. This song encapsulates feelings of existentialism, distress, and a yearning for survival amid hardships. The artists delve into their experiences with sleepless nights, seeking solace in the darkness while praying for longevity. The song’s poignant verses reflect on life’s trials and tribulations, inviting listeners into a space of empathy and understanding. The purpose behind this song is to share a raw, honest perspective on enduring tough times, fostering a relatable connection with listeners who might be grappling with similar circumstances.

Hungry for a deeper understanding of these emotion-packed lyrics? Stick around as we unpack the profound meanings and the compelling story behind “Living Life, In The Night”.

“Living Life, In The Night” Lyrics Meaning

From the outset, “Lord knows and I think I know it too sometimes” suggests a shared knowledge between the divine and the self, possibly pertaining to life’s challenges. The recurring phrase “Every time and they reachin’ out for what’s mine” likely alludes to feeling pursued or under threat, which could come from various life pressures or personal struggles.

“I’ve been awake for days, so we out living life in the night” reveals a nocturnal lifestyle, perhaps induced by restlessness or a desire to escape day-to-day realities. The line “Pray to god, man I hope I don’t die” expresses a fear of mortality, hinting at the severe emotional or physical turmoil they’re experiencing.

“Two bedrooms, seven little childs, can’t be right” gives us a glimpse into a challenging home environment, possibly marked by poverty or overcrowding. Following this, “Call my brother, he in prison doin’ time, but we alright” adds another layer of hardship, touching on familial struggles and the resilience to keep going despite these adversities.

“Tried my best just to catch a fucking smile but for now I see myself ain’t hitting the 35” speaks to a deep-set sadness and pessimism about the future, painting a bleak picture of the artist’s state of mind.

The repetition of the song’s main refrain underscores the central themes of night-time survival, prayer for longevity, and persistent threats to personal peace or safety.

This raw and honest portrayal of life’s darker side serves as a powerful reminder of the strength within vulnerability. Now, let’s delve into the story behind the creation of “Living Life, In The Night” to provide further context to our interpretation.

The Story Behind “Living Life, In The Night”

“Living Life, In The Night” hails from the musical alliance of two German artists, Cheriimoya and Sierra Kidd. Released in 2021, this track finds its roots in the personal experiences and emotions of the artists.

Cheriimoya, born as Lukas Michalski, is known for his unique fusion of lo-fi beats, hip-hop, and alternative pop. Sierra Kidd, born as Manuel Marc Jungclaussen, began his career at an early age and is renowned for his introspective lyrics. Both artists are known for using their music as a medium to voice their struggles and emotions, offering an authentic connection to their listeners.

The lyrics of “Living Life, In The Night” point to an array of struggles, from economic hardship and the incarceration of a loved one to existential dread and a desperate desire for longevity. By releasing this song, the artists invite their listeners into their world, giving a voice to the struggles that are often left unspoken.

It’s essential to understand that “Living Life, In The Night” doesn’t seek to glamorize the nocturnal life or the difficulties it speaks of. Instead, it provides an honest and raw perspective, making listeners feel seen and understood. The power of this track lies in its vulnerability, as it breaks the barriers of pretense and lays bare the artists’ truth.

The lyrics tell a story of human struggle, resilience, and survival. They encapsulate a plea for better times and the hope that, despite the trials faced, things will eventually turn around. While the song might sound dark, it delivers a powerful message of authenticity and the power of shared human experience.

In conclusion, “Living Life, In The Night” is a poignant exploration of personal struggles and the resilience that emerges from them. Through their honest lyrics, Cheriimoya and Sierra Kidd offer comfort to those going through similar situations, reminding them that they are not alone.