Cherry Glazerr – “Ohio” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

Joanna holds a BSc in English Literature and uses her expertise in literary analysis to uncover the deeper meaning of her favorite songs.

Cherry Glazerr’s “Ohio” captures the essence of emotional turmoil and internal conflict. It revolves around the feelings of isolation, disconnection, and yearning for escape. The song communicates a journey of self-awareness, acknowledging one’s imperfections, and battling with one’s thoughts. While it’s unclear who the ‘she’ mentioned in the lyrics is, the song seems to underscore a pivotal moment or relationship. The track is a raw reflection of navigating personal struggles and the desperation to break free from them.

Intrigued? There’s more to the story and every note sung. Keep reading to uncover the layers of “Ohio.”

“Ohio” Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of “Ohio” lead us down a path of introspection. Starting with “I walked until my face got red, I walked on,” the singer speaks of an enduring journey—possibly hinting at trying to walk away from troubles or looking for a sense of purpose. This journey, however, doesn’t lead to enlightenment, as indicated by the line, “The light inside my head went dead, I turned off.” The ‘light’ could be a metaphor for hope or clarity, suggesting a moment of despair or confusion.

The repetition of “When you’re moving, there’s no ground beneath you” is particularly gripping. It paints a picture of instability and the feeling of being lost, almost like you’re floating or in free fall, uncertain of where you’ll land. This could refer to an emotional state, where life’s uncertainties make it feel like everything’s up in the air.

“In the winter” is a brief but impactful line, suggesting a cold, perhaps even bleak time—both literally and metaphorically.

The introduction of ‘she’ adds another layer to the narrative. When the lyrics go, “She told me to stay the same, I pushed her into my game,” it hints at an external influence trying to stabilize the protagonist, but the protagonist’s inner battles affect this relationship.

The plea “Just take me away” repeated multiple times speaks volumes about the singer’s longing for a reprieve—be it from personal demons, a complicated relationship, or perhaps a situation that feels too overwhelming.

The Story Behind “Ohio”

To truly understand a song, it’s often essential to look at the context in which it was written. While we might not have every detail, we can piece together a narrative based on Cherry Glazerr’s previous works, interviews, and the general ambience of their music.

Cherry Glazerr has always had a knack for channeling raw emotions into their songs, and “Ohio” is no exception. Around the time of its conception, the band was undergoing changes, both in their lineup and in their personal lives. It’s not uncommon for artists to draw from such tumultuous times, as they offer a wealth of emotions to explore.

The sentiment of feeling ‘broken’ and wishing for escape might be rooted in these changes. The pressures of the music industry, coupled with personal growth, can be taxing. It’s plausible that “Ohio” was penned during a period of introspection, looking inwards at one’s vulnerabilities and flaws.

The mention of ‘she’ could be a nod to a specific individual, perhaps a close confidante or a loved one, who tried to offer solace during these trying times. The song doesn’t dwell on this relationship, but its inclusion indicates its significance in the narrative.

In essence, “Ohio” can be seen as an artistic manifestation of the adage: ‘It’s okay not to be okay.’ Through the lyrics, Cherry Glazerr tells us it’s natural to feel lost, to want an escape, but it’s equally important to confront these feelings and navigate through them.