Cults – “Always Forever” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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At first glance, Cults’ “Always Forever” might seem like an ode to timeless love. A love that’s undying, persistent, and above all, meant to stand the test of time. It paints a vivid picture of two souls entwined in a bond so deep that separation is unfathomable. This perpetual theme of being together is heightened by the repetitive nature of the song’s chorus. The songwriter seems to echo a sentiment of devotion, perhaps from personal experiences or observations. Yet, the recurring references to “being in someone’s pocket” and “waiting around” hint at a deeper, more complex narrative of dependence and longing.

Ever wondered what it feels like when love becomes an obsession? When it’s not just about two souls coming together but about one losing itself entirely in another? This song might have some answers.

“Always Forever” Lyrics Meaning

The song starts with a gentle promise: “You and me always forever.” The repetition of this line sets the tone of eternal love. But as we move further into the lyrics, a theme of dependence becomes evident. The line “We could stay alone together” beautifully encapsulates the duality of love—intimate yet isolating.

The phrase “You know you’ve got me in your pocket” isn’t just a cute metaphor. It speaks of an imbalanced relationship, one where the narrator feels small, controlled, or even possessed by their lover. It’s as if the lover holds all the cards, with the power to dictate the terms of their love.

The repetition of “You know I’ll keep you in my locket” echoes a similar sentiment. While a locket symbolizes treasured memories, it’s also a confined space, suggesting the narrator’s trapped emotions or the lover’s constrained presence.

“Hard to say things could be better” points to a feeling of contentment, or perhaps resignation. Even if things aren’t perfect, the narrator doesn’t desire anything different. Yet, “Darling don’t get away right now” indicates an underlying fear of losing this love, reinforcing the sense of dependency.

The line “Oh darling it’s alarming thing to think of us apart” further strengthens this narrative. It reveals an almost desperate need to keep their love alive, even if it means losing oneself in the process.

In the end, the cyclical nature of the lyrics takes us back to the starting promise. But by now, it’s clear: it’s not just about eternal love. It’s about the lengths we might go to to keep that promise alive.

The Story Behind “Always Forever”

Cults, a duo comprised of Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, has been known for their enigmatic approach to songwriting. The song was born out of introspection. In an era where connections are many but often shallow, it examines the profound bond two individuals can share. While the song has a dreamy, almost ethereal aura, it’s rooted in the complexities of real-life relationships.

At the time of writing, the duo may have been exploring their personal lives, reflecting on relationships past and present. The repeated lines “You and me always forever” could be an affirmation, a mantra to hold onto, especially in uncertain times. The song beautifully captures the juxtaposition of love’s fragility and its enduring nature.

The hint of possessiveness and dependency in the song could stem from experiences where love bordered on obsession. It’s a feeling many can relate to, especially in the initial phases of a relationship when the fear of loss can be overwhelming.