Deadeye Dick – “New Age Girl” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“New Age Girl” by Deadeye Dick vividly portrays a woman named Mary Moon who embodies the quintessential “new age” lifestyle, with her environmental consciousness and vegetarianism. The song, full of playful and witty commentary, seems to explore themes of unconventional lifestyles, individualism, and possibly, contradictions inherent in modern living. The allusions to Mary Moon’s character draw a colorful picture of someone who is both intellectual and instinctual.

Ever wondered about the colorful and enigmatic Mary Moon from Deadeye Dick’s hit, “New Age Girl”? Dive into the playful and the profound with us as we explore the lively nuances and subtle insights hidden within this catchy tune!

“New Age Girl” Lyrics Meaning

The opening lines immediately set the stage for the song’s playful and vivid characterization. Mary Moon is depicted as an environmentalist, possibly leading a bohemian lifestyle illustrated by her “crystal necklace” and her “flowing skirt blowing in a transcendental wind.” The line, “she wonders without knowing where did she begin,” may hint at a deeper philosophical pondering about existence and individuality, painting Mary as both a free spirit and a thinker.

The catchy chorus, “Mary Moon, she’s a vegetarian… will outlive all the septuagenarians,” is clever and lighthearted. It not only showcases her dietary preferences but also humorously contrasts her lifestyle with those of the conventional “septuagenarians,” indicating a life less bound by societal norms.

The song’s refrain, “Oh, she loves me so, she hates to be alone. Don’t eat meat but she sure like the bone,” is clearly steeped in double entendre. It hints at the contrast and paradox within Mary’s character, presenting her as a multifaceted individual who is not easily categorized.

The mentions of her “wind car” and the unsure destinations playfully extend the characterization of Mary Moon as a new age, unconventional individual, possibly hinting at her spontaneous and adventurous spirit. “All I know that loving her has gotta be a sin,” might indicate that her love and her lifestyle are both alluring and unconventional.

The conclusion of the song, portraying Mary Moon as “an intellectual” yet “quite sexual,” rounds off the character’s depiction as someone who blends contrasting traits, defying societal expectations and living a life true to her own norms and values.

The Story Behind “New Age Girl”

Deadeye Dick, noted for their unique style and lyrical creativity, brought forth “New Age Girl” in the ’90s, a time marked by a revival of alternative lifestyles and a growing interest in environmental consciousness. The song captures the zeitgeist of the era, blending playful tones with subtle reflections on individualism and societal norms.

The character of Mary Moon serves as a vibrant metaphor for the burgeoning “new age” movement, embodying elements of spirituality, environmentalism, and intellectualism. Her depiction mirrors the societal shifts during that time, reflecting a growing acceptance and celebration of unconventional lifestyles and varied human experiences.

Deadeye Dick created a song that is both entertaining and reflective, encapsulating the spirit and the contradictions of the “new age” in a catchy and memorable tune. The detailed and colorful portrayal of Mary Moon resonates with listeners, inviting them to explore and embrace the multifaceted nature of human existence and to appreciate the diversity and the richness of individual experiences.

The whimsical portrayal of Mary Moon’s adventures and lifestyle in “New Age Girl” continues to charm listeners, offering a musical journey into the playful, the profound, and the paradoxical, and inviting everyone to dance along to the lively beats of individuality and freedom.