Drimer – “Inception” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

Joanna holds a BSc in English Literature and uses her expertise in literary analysis to uncover the deeper meaning of her favorite songs.

The track is a deep dive into the inner workings of the artist’s thoughts, with a clear message that our thoughts and ideas can be both a sanctuary and a prison. Drimer seems to explore personal growth, the weight of unmade decisions, and the influence of media on our minds. It’s personal but universal, as if Drimer’s whispering, “This song is about all of us,” without actually saying it. Why did he write this song? Perhaps to confront his own thoughts or maybe to echo the silent thoughts we all carry within us.

Ready to dive deeper into Drimer’s cerebral masterpiece? Stick around because we’re about to dissect the layers behind the infectious beats and the piercing words.

“Inception” Lyrics Meaning

“Inception” starts with an invite: no ticket needed for this voyage into Drimer’s mind. Here, we’re in a realm of Drimer’s making, where reality and imagination blur just like the movie that shares the song’s name. “A tratti sembra Inception: qua dentro tutto sta crollando” suggests a mind in chaos, a world on the brink. He’s not just building walls; he’s creating a temple within his mind with his pen—his lyrics are his bricks and mortar.

But Drimer’s not praying for safety; he’s acknowledging the crumbling world outside. It’s a fortress of solitude where external chaos can’t reach. He touches on faith, or perhaps the lack thereof, as he speaks of a cross not in his hands but on his back—a future burden of choices yet to be made.

The song dives into the influence of culture on our psyche. Books, songs, movies—they all leave fingerprints on our thoughts. Drimer suggests that perhaps from these, we often learn the worst lessons. He’s warning us, the listeners, as we let his words in, that they have the power to unlock our deepest chambers.

“And lo so perché l’hanno già fatto con me,” he confesses, revealing his vulnerability to these influences through the medium of rap. He’s not glorifying his success; he’s narrating the shared human experience, the lost looks, and the inevitability of finding ourselves in lyrics.

The refrain, “L’avevo già scritto,” repeats like a mantra. It’s a hunch that everything needed is already penned by fate, or perhaps by Drimer himself in the form of this song. The lines evoke the idea that thoughts are resilient and infectious, that once they take hold, they’re nearly impossible to eradicate.

The latter part of the song reflects on this inescapability of ideas and how the artist feels disconnected from the mainstream, a Columbus sighting a new world, not just another Sunday rapper. Drimer ends with a defiant declaration of his identity in the music world.

The Story Behind “Inception”

Imagine being at a crossroads in life, surrounded by noise yet feeling utterly silent inside. That’s where Drimer was—juggling the weight of potential choices and the impact of the world’s narratives on his inner being.

“Inception” seems born out of a need to make sense of the chaos—to find order in the disorder. Drimer was not just writing lyrics; he was constructing a mental sanctuary to safeguard his essence from the constant barrage of external influences.

The song acts as a catharsis for Drimer, a way to deal with the burdens that we all carry: expectations, decisions, societal norms. It’s a peek into the artist’s mind at a moment of introspection and vulnerability. He’s reaching out to those who have felt the pressure of unmade decisions and the entanglement of thoughts that can’t be easily unwound.