Ed Sheeran – “Bloodstream” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Hey there! If you’re looking for a quick insight into Ed Sheeran’s “Bloodstream”, here you go. This song is all about Ed’s struggle with substance abuse, particularly alcohol. It’s a haunting exploration of loneliness and how substances can be a misleading escape.

The song is not specifically about any individual but more about Ed’s personal experiences and feelings. Written during a tumultuous time, “Bloodstream” captures the inner turmoil and fleeting relief offered by intoxication, asking us to consider the implications of our coping mechanisms.

But wait, there’s more depth to this! Dive in, and let’s unpack this poignant song line by line.

“Bloodstream” Lyrics Meaning

As we delve into the lyrics, the opening lines “I’ve been spinning now for time, couple women by my side” indicate a sense of dizziness and confusion. Ed’s been losing track of time and surrounding himself with distractions, suggesting a desire to escape reality.

The line “I got sinning on my mind” hints at guilt and self-awareness. Ed acknowledges his wrongdoings and wrestles with a moral dilemma. Meanwhile, “sipping on red wine” symbolizes the alcohol he’s using as a coping mechanism.

“I’ve been sitting here for ages, ripping out the pages” implies a sense of stagnation, perhaps frustration, and an inability to move forward. He’s been spending time introspectively, possibly questioning his life choices, tearing apart the narrative he has written for himself.

He asks, “How’d I get so faded?” representing his bafflement at his condition. The repetitive “So tell me when it kicks in” demonstrates his desperation for the temporary relief substances bring.

The lyrics “I’ve been looking for a lover, thought I’d find her in a bottle” might depict his search for comfort and solace, mistakenly sought in alcohol. When he sings “Lord forgive me for the things I’ve done, I was never meant to hurt no one,” there’s a clear sense of remorse and a desire for redemption.

The repeated lines “All the voices in my mind calling out across the line” perhaps portray his internal struggles, the various thoughts and feelings battling for control. The phrase “tell me when it kicks in” turns more desperate, almost pleading, reflecting his struggle to find balance and clarity amidst his chaotic mind.

The Story Behind “Bloodstream”

The song “Bloodstream” was written during a time when Ed Sheeran was struggling with his growing fame and the pressures that came along with it. It was his way of expressing his feelings of loneliness, guilt, and desperation, and his battle with alcohol. His raw, honest lyrics serve as an exploration of his inner psyche during this tumultuous period, revealing a deep sense of vulnerability.

Sheeran’s confessional songwriting style lets us glimpse into his life and the challenges he faced. In “Bloodstream”, he opens up about the darker side of success and the impact it had on his mental well-being. This background information reinforces our understanding of the song, portraying it not just as a catchy tune, but as a profound exploration of struggle and self-discovery.