Edelweiss – “Bring Me Edelweiss” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Bring Me Edelweiss” by Edelweiss is a unique track that combines catchy beats with playful lyrics. The song revolves around the theme of love and the lengths one would go to prove it. Using the edelweiss flower, a symbol of deep love and dedication, the songwriter creates a narrative that explores the journey of expressing love in a tangible, heartfelt way. The edelweiss becomes a metaphor for the effort and commitment required in love. It’s not just about grand gestures; it’s about the willingness to climb mountains, both literally and figuratively, for the one you love. This song is an ode to love, adventure, and the beautiful simplicity of showing affection through meaningful actions.

Ever thought a flower could be the ultimate love symbol? “Bring Me Edelweiss” will make you see Edelweiss in a whole new light.

“Bring Me Edelweiss” Lyrics Meaning

“So when you really love me, Darling bring me Edelweiss.” The song opens with a direct request, equating the act of bringing the edelweiss flower to an expression of true love. The repetition emphasizes the importance of this gesture.

“Zwei bier! Oh yeah!” Suddenly, we’re in a celebratory mood, perhaps in a traditional Austrian setting, enjoying beers and good company. It adds a playful and cultural element to the song, enhancing the overall narrative.

“I need some Austrian loving, I know what it means.” The singer is yearning for a love that’s as rich and deep as the Austrian traditions.

“I better start climbing, For the dopest flower on the top of the mountain.” The edelweiss grows in high mountain areas, and here the singer is ready to take on the challenge, equating the journey to obtaining love.

“You see eye to eye, We’re picking the one and only flower that shows love, As you look into my eyes.” The journey brings them closer, their connection deepening as they share this adventure.

“So we can show it with Edelweiss.” The edelweiss flower becomes the ultimate symbol of their love, a tangible proof of their journey and commitment.

“Ruck-sack, Rucksack, Last night the Förster saved my life! Last night a Freibier turned me round.” There’s a shift in the narrative, introducing a sense of adventure and even danger. The references to a forest ranger and free beer add layers to the story, making it an unforgettable journey.

“Round and round and down and down and down.” The repetition and rhythm create a sense of movement, perhaps referencing the ups and downs of love and life.

The final repetition of “So when you really love me, You should bring me Edelweiss!” brings the song full circle, reminding us of the central message: love is an adventure, and the Edelweiss flower is the ultimate symbol of dedication and affection.

The Story Behind “Bring Me Edelweiss”

“Bring Me Edelweiss” was not just a random creation; it was a product of its time, a playful and innovative take on love and adventure. The writers were influenced by the cultural and musical landscape of the late 80s, infusing their creation with catchy beats, playful lyrics, and a deep appreciation for tradition and symbolism.

The edelweiss flower, native to the Alps, has long been a symbol of love and bravery due to its growth in harsh, high-altitude conditions. The writers cleverly used this symbol to craft a narrative that is both romantic and adventurous, encouraging listeners to embark on their own journeys of love and dedication. The incorporation of Austrian cultural references adds a unique touch, rooting the song in a specific time and place while also giving it a universal appeal. The upbeat, danceable music invites listeners to not only reflect on the meaning behind the lyrics but also to celebrate love, life, and the adventures that come with it.