Faron Young – “Little Green Apples” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Little Green Apples” is a heartwarming song that celebrates everyday love, those simple, genuine moments between partners that often go unnoticed. The lyrics underscore a life of comforting routines, waking up with a loved one, shared breakfasts, and small gestures that show immense affection. Through imagery and anecdotes, the songwriter essentially communicates that if such genuine love doesn’t exist, neither do little green apples or rain in summertime. In essence, the song isn’t just about love but also about appreciating the undeniable truths in life.

Ever pondered about the beauty of ordinary moments in love? Dive into “Little Green Apples” and discover how daily routines can carry profound meanings.

“Little Green Apples” Lyrics Meaning

The song opens with the narrator waking up, a scene quite familiar to many – hair messy, stumbling to the breakfast table, kids rushing off to school. Yet, in these mundane moments, there’s a spark of affection. The touch of a hand and a comforting smile are the relationship’s anchors.

The chorus is potent, drawing parallels between the absolute certainties of life and the pure, undeniable love the narrator feels. “God didn’t make little green apples” serves as a metaphor – if his partner’s affection isn’t real, then some of the world’s most fundamental truths aren’t real either.

The second half offers a shift. The narrator, amidst his work, yearns for his partner’s company. Even though she’s engrossed in her chores, she makes time for him. This emphasizes her unwavering love, reinforcing that genuine care is shown through actions, not grand gestures. Even if he’s late, she waits – a testament to her patience and affection.

The repeated chorus, with a slight twist about snow in Minneapolis, equates their undying love with undeniable facts of life. By doing this, the songwriter gives credence to the everyday love, suggesting it’s as real and palpable as “puppy dogs and autumn leaves”.

The Story Behind “Little Green Apples”

Though Faron Young made “Little Green Apples” famous, the song was actually written by Bobby Russell. Russell was known for weaving real-life emotions and simple, relatable incidents into his lyrics, giving listeners a raw, genuine feel with every song. When “Little Green Apples” was written, Russell was reflecting upon the nature of love and relationships. He considered how love wasn’t always about grand gestures and epic moments, but more about the day-to-day comfort, mutual respect, and the tiny, often overlooked interactions that keep the bond strong. The inspiration stemmed from his observations of relationships around him, maybe even his own. It’s said that the best songwriters draw from personal experiences, and given the emotive quality of this song, it seems Russell poured a lot of his heart into it.

Using the analogy of “little green apples,” a simple and universal symbol, he captured the essence of undeniable truths. His comparison of everyday love to the immutable facts of nature emphasizes the authenticity of such feelings. As with many of Russell’s compositions, the strength of “Little Green Apples” lies in its simplicity, its ability to tap into universal emotions, making listeners across generations nod in agreement, thinking of their own “morning sun.”