Five Finger Death Punch – ”Remember Everything” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Brendan Briggs

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“Remember Everything” is a very personal track about dealing with painful memories, specifically during childhood. The lyrics focus on how a victim of childhood pain can carry their experiences with them for a very long time, and they even manage to touch on the resentment that can come as a result of this.

All of the members of “Five Finger Death Punch” are credited as songwriters on this track, but the primary lyricist appears to have been lead singer Ivan Moody. He’s stated on the record that the song’s lyrics are basically a summary of his childhood struggles with his parents. As a result, writing “Remember Everything” was very cathartic for him.

In this article, we’ll perform an analysis of these raw lyrics to decipher their intended meaning. We’ll also take a look at the songwriting story and the human themes that give this song its impact. Without further ado, let’s get started!

“Remember Everything” Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics to this track waste no time before getting to the point. Moody begins by saying, “Dear mother, I love you,” which reflects the childlike desire for an affectionate parental relationship. He apologizes for never being “good enough” to her and acknowledges that he never “added up” in his Father’s eyes. Essentially, he never felt like he had his parents’ steady approval. This, according to Moody, is based on his real experience with his parents.

The pre-chorus continues this theme of self-loathing. He’s internalized the message his parents were sending him. However, he also points the finger at them, saying, “you left me here alone.” The verse criticizes himself; the pre-chorus criticizes both himself and his parents, and now the chorus will turn the criticism fully in his parents’ direction.

The theme of the song really comes alive in the chorus. In it, Moody cries out against his parents and the world. He wonders if he could hold back “the rain” of his past, but it’s pointless. He can “remember everything” and can’t move forward.

Lastly, he asks his parents if they would take his “regrets” if they forgot the past. This question is rhetorical since forgetting is impossible. Nonetheless, he’s still making them aware of the suffering they’ve caused. Even if they could forget, they would still need to answer for his pain.

Verse two returns to self-criticism. Moody apologizes for “never standing by ” his brother and upsetting his sister. Growing up in an unhealthy household can sometimes harm sibling relationships, leaving siblings feeling abandoned or unloved. All of the children are trying to cope, but their coping may harm one another inadvertently.

This feeling of abandonment carries into the pre-chorus, which describes the “long and lonely road” Moody walks.

The bridge is the point where the song takes a surprising turn. Moody feels like “running away” – he’s reached his breaking point. He then screams at an unknown listener, saying, “you say that I’ll never change. What… do you know?” In my opinion, he’s talking to an entirely new person here who is trying to get him to stop being stuck in the past.

What this means is that Moody, in this song, has become destructive himself. He’d rather “burn it all to the ground” than let new people in because he is so resentful of his own abusers. He still has his humanity and says, “please forgive me; I can’t forgive you now.” His own hatred is holding him back from healing, which basically creates a vicious cycle.

The song’s outro reveals his regret. Now, he loathes himself and his parents. He wishes he could “start again,” but the fact that he can “remember everything” ties him to his fate. The song ends with very little hope, which is probably the most realistic way it could have ended. Most victims of a bad childhood carry the scars and coping mechanisms for their whole life, even though they may improve drastically.

In summary, “Remember Everything” tells the story of a scarred man who degenerates into a destructive person himself. It’s a reflection on generational trauma and self-improvement, albeit a pessimistic one. These intense lyrics are surely no small part of the track’s success.

The Story Behind “Remember Everything”

Ivan Moody grew up in a household that was characterized by some emotional turmoil. Even in adulthood, Moody reportedly experiences conflict with his parents over his career choice. The wounds he incurred during this time profoundly affected him and surface in his creative endeavors.

“Remember Everything” is Moody’s favorite song on American Capitalist due to its personal nature. Putting his painful memories and emotions into music helped him deal with them. Apparently, the world can see his authenticity.

“Remember Everything” reached a position of #2 on the Hot Mainstream Rock chart, an impressive feat. It’s also received no shortage of praise from critics, largely due to its genuine lyrics. Critically and commercially, this addition to the Five Finger catalog can only be considered a success.

The next time you play this heavy tune, let these pieces of background information make it even more special!