Frou Frou – “A New Kind of Love” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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In the vibrant musical landscape of Frou Frou’s “A New Kind of Love,” the song reflects on the complexity of modern relationships, exploring how love can often be influenced by external factors and societal expectations. It’s a critique of superficial love and a longing for authenticity. The songwriters are seemingly addressing society at large, pushing against the pressure to conform to an image of love that feels synthetic.

“A New Kind of Love” is a testament to the need for real connection and deep emotional resonance, a call for love that isn’t ‘genetically altered’ or manufactured, but rather a love that emerges organically, and when it does, it’s something you can ‘feel kicking in soon.’

Peek into the mesmerizing world of “A New Kind of Love,” where love isn’t manufactured but grown. Stick around as we dissect the potent words and underlying themes. Let’s uncover the authentic love Frou Frou yearns for.

“A New Kind of Love” Lyrics Meaning

The song starts with a catchy repetition of “Oh uh oh na na” which acts as a call to attention, pulling listeners into the world of the song. The first lines introduce “A new kind of love/ Genetically altered,” which is a critique of contemporary society’s commodification of love, suggesting that it’s often presented as an altered or manufactured product, like “Love Lite” or “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Love!”

When the lyrics ask, “Are you falling in love? I’ve a feeling you are. Are you falling in love with a feeling?”, there’s an evident questioning of the authenticity of the emotions experienced in modern relationships. Are we really in love with the person, or are we in love with the feeling of being in love?

The second verse brings a shift in tone with “So you’re running late/ And it’s not even like you.” This seems to indicate a change in the person being addressed, possibly because they are falling in love or are caught up in the throes of these manufactured feelings. The line “Did the dog eat your homework again?” could symbolize trivial excuses we make when we’re not honest with ourselves or others about our feelings.

“‘Cause my friend says, ‘in real life / It’s only the police (oh uh oh) / That ever come looking for you'” appears to be a sobering reminder of the difference between reality and the romanticized view of love often portrayed in popular culture. In real life, it’s not always a love interest who comes seeking; sometimes, it’s the harsh realities we face.

The chorus repeats the questions, “Are you falling in love? I’ve a feeling you are. Are you falling in love with a feeling?” but adds another layer of introspection, “Are you falling in love or only feeling you are?” This layered questioning insinuates self-doubt, the confusion in deciphering real love from mere infatuation. And if it is real, the plea is to ‘let me feel it,’ indicating a yearning for a shared, tangible experience of love.

By the time we reach the bridge, the lyrics seem to have shifted to a dialogue. “I’ve been busy/ You know that/ You know you’re just saying that/ Are you going to get that? / What’s that supposed to mean?” Here, the lines may signify misunderstandings and miscommunications, common in relationships, particularly when they are superficial or lack depth. It provides a clear contrast to the genuine, deeply felt love the song yearns for.

Overall, “A New Kind of Love” shines a light on the superficiality of societal constructs of love and yearns for authenticity. Its layered lyrics invite listeners to question their own experiences of love, encouraging them to seek a deeper, more genuine connection.

Up next, let’s delve into the story behind the song to get a more in-depth understanding of the creative process and the songwriters’ state of mind at the time.

The Story Behind “A New Kind of Love”

Digging into the creation of “A New Kind of Love,” it’s fascinating to observe how the external environment and personal experiences of the songwriters have played into the narrative.

At the time of writing, the songwriters were observing an era where technology, social media, and the culture of instant gratification were drastically altering human relationships and emotions. Love was not immune to these changes. The song serves as a commentary on this societal shift, highlighting a deep concern about the superficiality of emotions in the digital age.

“A New Kind of Love” isn’t just a critique of contemporary societal norms, but it also stands as a beacon of hope. The repeated plea to ‘let me feel it’ signifies an intrinsic yearning for a deeper, genuine connection, unaltered by societal expectations or digital alterations. This craving could be reflective of the songwriters’ own emotional state, seeking authenticity in a world often dominated by curated, superficial interactions.

Interestingly, the song can also be seen as a call to listeners, urging them to question their understanding of love. It inspires introspection, questioning whether one is in love with a person or merely the feeling of being in love. This perspective reveals the songwriters’ intent to make listeners reflect on their emotions, highlighting the transformative power of music.

In the end, “A New Kind of Love” is a beautiful amalgamation of social commentary, introspection, and a call for authenticity. It’s a testament to the songwriters’ keen observational skills and their ability to infuse their music with profound, thought-provoking messages. Listening to the song, we are not just serenaded by its captivating melody but also urged to consider the depth of our own emotions and the authenticity of our love.