George Ezra – “Budapest” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Budapest” by George Ezra is a song about the lengths one is willing to go to for the person they love. It expresses a deep longing and devotion, suggesting that the singer is ready to give up everything, even his house and prized possessions, just to be with the one he loves. Ezra conveys a powerful message of love and devotion. He emphasizes that love is more important than anything else in life and that he’s willing to leave behind his home and treasures in Budapest to be with the person he loves. The message is clear: love is worth the sacrifices.

The song’s meaning lies in its romantic and heartfelt lyrics. Let’s see more about it.

“Budapest” Lyrics Meaning

The song begins with a picturesque description of Budapest, with references to a house, a hidden treasure chest, a golden grand piano, and a beautiful castillo. These vivid images emphasize the extravagance and opulence he’s willing to give up for love. The grand piano and castle are symbols of wealth and luxury.

However, the chorus introduces a powerful contrast. The repeated lines “For you, ooh, you, ooh, I’d leave it all” underscores the willingness to abandon his material possessions and current life for the person he loves.

The second verse delves further into the idea of sacrifice. The singer mentions “artefacts” and lists that goes on, highlighting the vastness of what he’s willing to give up. He’s ready to make a change and up and run if the person he loves asks him to.

The bridge reveals that the singer’s friends and family don’t understand his willingness to make such sacrifices. His decision to chase after love might not be well-received by those close to him. They fear losing him if he follows his heart.

“Give me one good reason why I should never make a change” reflects a moment of introspection and doubt. It questions whether the decision to pursue love is the right one. It’s a moment of vulnerability.

The Story Behind “Budapest”

George Ezra’s “Budapest” holds a fascinating backstory that sheds light on the inspiration behind this heartfelt song. At its core, “Budapest” is about the willingness to make sacrifices for love, and its origins can be traced back to the experiences of the singer-songwriter. He  wrote “Budapest” during a pivotal moment in his career. At the time, he was a relatively unknown artist, and the song marked a turning point in his musical journey. He penned this track after a particularly grueling tour, during which he experienced the wear and tear of constant travel and performing.

In an interview, George Ezra revealed that “Budapest” was born out of a strong desire to escape from the demands of his hectic life on the road. He felt drained and exhausted, yearning for a break and a sense of grounding. The idea of running away to a city like Budapest, a place where he’d never been, appealed to him as a form of escapism.

The song became a metaphor for seeking solace and comfort in the arms of a loved one, even if it meant leaving everything behind. While George Ezra didn’t actually go to Budapest at that time, the city’s name served as a symbol of escape and a fresh start.

This emotional state of longing and the need for respite clearly shine through in the song’s lyrics. George Ezra’s genuine emotions and desire for a change in his life form the heart and soul of “Budapest.” It’s a reminder that some of the most beautiful and poignant songs are often born from personal experiences and a deep connection to the lyrics.