Goapele – “Closer” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Closer” is a soulful anthem about perseverance, self-belief, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. At its core, the song is a motivational message, encouraging listeners to keep striving toward their goals, despite the obstacles they may face. It’s about the inner journey of overcoming fears and doubts to get “closer” to one’s aspirations. Goapele sings not just from personal experience but also as a universal call to action, encouraging everyone to rise above their current circumstances and reach for more. The song resonates deeply with anyone who has ever felt stuck but yearns for progress.

Are you tempted to know how “Closer” speaks to the soul? The song isn’t just a melody; it’s a roadmap to achieving your dreams. Peel back the layers of this soulful anthem and discover the power of persistence and belief in oneself.

“Closer” Lyrics Meaning

The song begins with Goapele expressing her determination to reach her dreams. The repetition of “I’m getting higher and higher” isn’t just about physical elevation but symbolizes personal growth and overcoming challenges. Each verse acts as a step closer to her dreams, signifying progress and the emotional highs that come with it.

The phrase “Feel it in my sleep” suggests that her dreams are so potent and vivid; they transcend her waking life, indicating a deep, unwavering connection to her aspirations. This is further emphasized by the struggle conveyed in “Sometimes it feels like I’ll never go past it,” a sentiment many can relate to. It speaks to the universal experience of feeling stuck or stagnant, yet the song swiftly counters this doubt with “But I’m going higher, closer to my dream,” a powerful affirmation of progress and determination.

The lyric “Summertime view just have to let it go” might be metaphorical for releasing the burdens and fears that hold one back, akin to the freeing nature of summer. This act of letting go is crucial for moving forward, as depicted in the lines “Believing all my fears to burn down / Push them all away so I move on.” Here, Goapele touches on the transformative power of belief and the importance of shedding fears to advance towards one’s goals.

“Close your eyes and see what you’re feeling” invites listeners to envision their dreams and feel their proximity, emphasizing the importance of visualization in achieving goals. The song crescendos with “I can feel my dream / Closer to my dreams,” a testament to Goapele’s belief that one can nearly touch their aspirations with perseverance and faith.

The Story Behind “Closer”

“Closer” wasn’t just a song for Goapele; it was a declaration of her journey, struggles, and relentless drive towards her dreams. Written during a period of her life filled with uncertainty and the daunting challenge of breaking into the music industry, “Closer” reflects Goapele’s personal battles and victories. It’s a piece born out of her need to express the intense emotions of chasing an almost intangible dream and the resilience required to continue despite numerous setbacks.

The song encapsulates the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies the pursuit of any significant aspiration. It’s about facing the fears of failure, the frustration of stagnation, and the sweet, incremental victories along the way. For Goapele, “Closer” was both a motivational mantra and a therapeutic outlet, allowing her to channel her frustrations and hopes into something tangible and universally relatable.