Gojira – “Stranded” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Gojira’s “Stranded” is a raw portrayal of internal turmoil and the struggle for connection. At its core, it’s about the isolation one feels when plagued by overwhelming internal noise and the desperate need for understanding from others. The repetitive plea, “Don’t lock the door on me,” underscores a deep-seated fear of abandonment and a yearning for closeness. The song taps into a universal sentiment through its heavy riffs and compelling lyrics: the dire consequence of being left alone with one’s chaotic thoughts.

Ever felt trapped within your thoughts, desperately seeking a lifeline? Let’s dive into “Stranded” and explore its profound layers together.

“Stranded” Lyrics Meaning

The song starts with “A growing sickness in the heart,” highlighting an ever-increasing internal disarray. This “defective, lack of control” represents an overwhelming feeling, perhaps anxiety or depression, that feels insurmountable. The hope for reprieve is present with “The cure is somewhere in the silence,” suggesting that inner peace is attainable. However, the protagonist is unable to find it due to the overpowering “noise inside.”

The recurring line, “Don’t lock the door on me,” acts as a poignant call for connection. It paints a picture of someone desperately knocking, seeking refuge from their internal storm, only to be met with closed doors. The declaration “You’d kill me, face down, dead” adds urgency, indicating that the isolation isn’t just hurtful – it’s potentially lethal.

The phrase “Another part of me falls for you” can be seen as a double entendre. On one hand, it suggests a romantic longing. On the other, it denotes surrender – a piece of the person crumbling under the weight of their internal struggles.

The song’s plea, “Please hear me out,” is a cry for understanding and patience. Amid the song’s instrumentation’s chaos and the lyrics’ tumult, this is a moment of clarity – a heartfelt request for empathy.

The Story Behind “Stranded”

Gojira, hailing from France, has never been a band to shy away from profound themes. Their music often tackles subjects ranging from environmental concerns to introspective battles. With “Stranded,” they explore the complexities of the human psyche and the intricate dance between vulnerability and resilience.

The song was released as part of Gojira’s “Magma” album in 2016. This album marked a significant shift for the band, both musically and thematically, as it was deeply influenced by the passing of the Duplantier brothers’ mother. This loss led to rawer, more emotionally charged lyrics and a slightly softer musical approach than their previous works.

“Stranded,” in particular, feels deeply personal. It’s as if the band is giving listeners a window into their souls, revealing the tumultuous emotions they experienced during that challenging period. The internal chaos, the need for human connection, and the fear of being misunderstood are emotions many can relate to, making “Stranded” a universally relatable anthem.

While the song does not explicitly reference Duplantier’s personal loss, the emotions embedded within the track are universally felt. In crafting such a song, Gojira reminds us of the power of music: to heal, connect, and understand our shared human experience.