Halsey – “​honey” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Halsey’s “honey” is a complex love song teeming with contradictions. It tells the tale of a relationship that’s as enchanting as it’s tumultuous. While love might be sweet like honey, it often comes with a sting. This duality between sweetness and pain, attraction and repulsion, is the heart and soul of the song. The narrator is simultaneously entranced by their lover’s charm and devastated by the inevitable pain that accompanies it.

Feel the sweetness with a twist? Delve deeper into the hive of Halsey’s mind.

“​honey” Lyrics Meaning

The song begins with a seductive proposition: “She told me ‘Open your mouth'”. Here, the lover is taking control, signifying an intense and passionate connection. The unexpected line “And then she crawled inside” illustrates this person’s overwhelming influence over the singer, suggesting an almost consuming type of love.

In the chorus, the recurring line “She was sweet like honey” emphasizes the allure and sweetness of the relationship. Yet, this is immediately contrasted with the lines “But all I can taste is the blood in my mouth” and “And the bitterness in goodbye”. The sweetness of love is tainted by pain and bitterness, highlighting the volatile nature of the relationship.

The lines “Between my fingers, She leaves then she lingers” convey the transient nature of this love. She’s elusive, slipping away, yet there’s a lingering presence. Despite the pain, there’s a pull that the singer can’t resist. The assertion “If she’s gonna go, Well then I’m going with her” showcases a desperate clinginess and the fear of letting go.

The vivid imagery of “Dripping like honey, Down the back of my throat and on the front of my mind” not only paints a picture of sweetness but also an obsession. She’s ever-present, impossible to forget, dominating thoughts and feelings.

However, the sentiment “But she stings like she means it” introduces the darker side of this enchantment. This love, though intoxicating, isn’t without its harsh realities. The lover is portrayed as capricious and unpredictable: dancing, spinning, causing chaos, but remaining utterly captivating.

The Story Behind “​honey”

Halsey, known for her poignant lyricism, often draws from personal experiences to craft her music. “honey” is no exception. While Halsey hasn’t explicitly detailed the specific inspiration behind this track, it mirrors the tumultuous patterns of love she’s explored in previous works.

During the time surrounding the release of the song, Halsey was in the limelight regarding her relationships. The media’s scrutiny and the pressures of the public eye could intensify the feelings and contradictions present in a relationship, possibly influencing the song’s narrative.

The beauty of Halsey’s songwriting lies in her ability to convey universal emotions through specific stories. Whether or not “honey” is autobiographical, the sentiments are relatable to many who have experienced the highs and lows of passionate love. The juxtaposition of honey’s sweetness with the sharp sting of a bee is a metaphor for love’s dual nature – beautiful but sometimes painful.

In many ways, “honey” is a testament to Halsey’s evolution as an artist and her willingness to delve into the complexities of human emotion. It showcases her talent in weaving intricate tales and inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences of love’s sweetness and its occasional sting.