Highly Suspect – “My Name Is Human” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Brendan Briggs

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“My Name Is Human” is, as the name might suggest, an anthem of the philosophies of Humanism and Transhumanism. The message of the lyrics is that we ought to focus on the betterment of our species rather than on gods, religions, or our primitive sensibilities. In addition, this song manages to criticize the “holier than thou” attitude often observed in people who claim to be religious.

While little has been said about the direct inspiration behind the song, frontman Johnny Stevens has given some clues. For one, the track is an extension of the themes of The Boy Who Died Wolf, which has to do with Stevens’ personal development. This song, like the album, has to do with setting aside primal things in order to make rational decisions.

In this article, we’ll perform an analysis of these symbolic lyrics to discover their hidden meaning. We’ll also take a look at the songwriting story and the simple philosophical appeal that make this song accessible to anyone. Without further ado, let’s get started!

“My Name Is Human” Lyrics Meaning

The song begins by setting up some unapologetic egoism, which Stevens attempts to portray as a virtue rather than a vice. He says, “I’m feeling the way that I’m feeling myself,” indicating a strong sense of self-importance. Again, he’s trying to make a point that turns pride into something worthy of celebrating.

Next, he turns this on its head, asserting that “nobody is better than anyone else.” In this case, why does he have so much pride? Simply put, he is proud of being a human being. This will be an important theme later, so keep it in mind.

As for those who take issue with this position, he asks the listener to “look what they do to you.” They keep free-thinkers enslaved, which is why he finds it funny to think of himself as being “free.” In his words, you “must be joking” to believe that.

The chorus begins, telling an unnamed “girl” to “stand face to face” with her god. Instead of kneeling before it, Stevens argues that she should view herself as superior to it. Boldly, he introduces himself, saying, “Hello. My name is human!” He defines humanity on its own terms – not in relation to anything divine.

In addition, he portrays the human being as something that “came down from the stars.” This could be a reference to the elements that make up our bodies, or a reference to the story of Prometheus (which comes up later).

In verse two, we move from Humanism to Transhumanism. This is the belief that we should seek to go beyond the limitations of our species rather than celebrate them. Accordingly, Stevens acknowledges that humanity is “ready for love” and “ready for war,” but also insists that we are “ready for more.” Simply put, we should try to become progressively more enlightened beings.

As an analogy for war and love, Stevens uses a “river” and a “drought.” In other words, he’s saying that every intense human emotion and experience has a counterbalance. This makes life exciting, but Stevens argues that it shouldn’t distract us from our evolution.

In the bridge, the lyrics reference a “fire world.” This is setting up some Prometheus references that will occur in the next chorus, so keep it in mind. For those that may not have heard, Prometheus mythologically gave fire to humanity because he favored us over the gods.

In the final chorus, the whole song comes to a climactic point. In it, Stevens says he is now “face to face” with himself. By accepting his humanity in the deepest sense, he is able to move beyond it. Like Prometheus, he claims that he “stole his power from the sun” and has become “more than just a man.”

This is why, in one interview, Stevens stated that the song is not only “about being a human.” He went on to assert his belief that “some of us aren’t human at all.” Although his wording is vague, his meaning is clear when you look at the lyrics as a whole: we are meant to become more.

In summary, “My Name Is Human” is meant to encourage humanity to embrace itself as it is, let go of the past, and look forward to an evolved future. In a world where God is being pronounced dead by the cultural current, this message appeals to many and helped popularize the track.

The Story Behind “My Name Is Human”

It appears that the members of Highly Suspect have kept their cards close to the vest regarding this song’s inspiration. However, there are some ideas they have revealed. These bits of information can help us put the song’s lyrics in context.

For example, when discussing the meaning of The Boy Who Died Wolf, Johnny Stevens once said that the “wolf” represented a part of him he “killed.” Since he grew up rough and struggled for a long time before his big break, he became very in touch with his primal instincts.

This is a recurring theme on the album, and “My Name Is Human” is no exception. Just as Stevens needed to evolve beyond his own past, he would say that humanity needs to do the same.

“My Name Is Human” did very well critically and commercially, earning a Grammy nomination in 2017. It reached a position of #1 on the US Mainstream Rock chart, holding its position for an impressive eight weeks. This certified Gold single can only be called a success.

The next time you play this philosophical tune, let these pieces of background information bring it to life!