Ian Munsick – “Horses Are Faster” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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In this piece, the songwriter shares the concept of nostalgia, loss, and the bittersweet nature of memories. It’s clear that this song is more than just melodies; it’s a reflection of Munsick’s own experiences and emotions. The song is about the journey to find peace amidst the chaos of emotions. Munsick seems to be speaking to a specific person in his past, possibly an old flame or a cherished friend, whose absence has profoundly impacted him. The repeated chorus about trains and holding hands signals a yearning for connection and a desire to escape the pain of the past. The line “Horses are faster so I can disappear” is particularly evocative, suggesting a wish to outrun his sorrows and find solace in the memories of a simpler time.

Curious about the deeper meanings woven into the lyrics of “Horses Are Faster”? Keep reading. You’ll discover how each line reveals a layer of Ian Munsick’s soul and the story behind his words.

“Horses Are Faster” Lyrics Meaning

The song begins with a reflective tone, “Every now and then I catch a glimpse of where I’ve been.” This line immediately sets the stage for a personal and introspective narrative.

As the song progresses, Munsick expresses a deep longing to return to a time when he was close to someone special, as evidenced by the line, “But I’d trade it all just to lie next to you again.” This reveals a sense of regret and yearning for a lost relationship. The metaphor of the roaring engine calling him back on board indicates a constant battle between moving forward and being pulled back by the past.

The chorus, “Trains may come rollin’, take me where they may / But if it’s your hand I’m holdin’, I’ll make it through the day,” speaks volumes about his dependency on this person for emotional support and stability. It’s a poignant reminder of how some relationships can be a lifeline during turbulent times.

The imagery of foggy glass and seeing faces from the past in the next verse reflects on missed connections and the transient nature of relationships. The line “Friends I wish I never lost and love that could never last” underscores the impermanence of life and the inevitability of change.

The closing chorus with “Horses are faster so I can disappear” is a powerful metaphor for Munsick’s desire to escape from the weight of his memories and perhaps, the reality of his current life. It’s a longing for a simpler time or a way to swiftly move away from the pain of the present.

The Story Behind “Horses Are Faster”

Ian Munsick penned this song during a period of introspection and reflection on his life’s journey. The lyrics are imbued with a sense of nostalgia and a longing for the past, suggesting that Munsick was grappling with significant changes in his life. The song’s emotive power lies in its ability to convey the universal feeling of looking back on one’s life and the paths taken. Munsick’s state of mind while writing this song was likely one of contemplation and perhaps, a sense of loss. The recurring themes of trains and horses symbolize movement and escape, indicating a desire to break free from current struggles or a yearning to return to a simpler, more joyful time.

The personal nature of the lyrics suggests that Munsick was reflecting on specific relationships and moments in his life. The song feels like a conversation with a lost love or a dear friend, indicating a deep personal connection and a sense of unresolved feelings. The imagery used throughout the song paints a picture of a man caught between the past and the present, seeking comfort in memories while trying to navigate the complexities of his current life.

In essence, “Horses Are Faster” is not just a song about missing someone; it’s about the journey of life, the roads we take, and the memories we hold onto. It’s a testament to the power of music as a medium to express the deepest emotions and experiences that shape us. Munsick’s ability to capture such profound emotions in his lyrics is what makes this song resonate with so many listeners, each finding a piece of their own story within its lines.