ITZY – “WANNABE” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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ITZY’s “WANNABE” is a power-packed anthem of self-love and independence. Through its catchy beats and snappy lyrics, the song shouts a big “Yes!” to being yourself, embracing your flaws, and not conforming to societal norms. Forget pleasing others; this song is all about the power of being unapologetically you. “WANNABE” isn’t just about individual members of ITZY; it’s a message aimed at everyone—particularly the youth—who feel the pressure to be someone they’re not. The song is a sassy response to the constant criticism and societal ‘guidance’ that many young people experience.

Feeling the pressure to conform? Itching to scream, “I just wanna be me!”? Let’s dig into ITZY’s “WANNABE” and find out why this tune could be your new personal anthem.

“WANNABE” Lyrics Meaning

“You’re nagging non-stop
But I’m my own boss
Gotta let me work it out for myself, don’t need your guidance.”
Right out of the gate, ITZY sends a clear message about taking charge of one’s life. The song emphasizes that making mistakes and learning from them is okay. It’s all about growing up; part of that growth involves rejecting unsolicited advice.

“I’m so bad bad
I’ma get all I can get
‘Cause good girls always finish last.”
The song flips the script on the ‘good girl’ narrative, boldly declaring that conforming to please others won’t get you far. ITZY is all for breaking norms and stepping out of conventional roles to find one’s true self.

“Won’t pretend to be someone I’m not
Yeah, I’ll be staying true to myself.”
Here lies the core of the song. It’s a rallying cry for authenticity. The members insist on staying true to themselves, even if it means going against the grain. The repetition of “I wanna be me me me” acts like a mantra, reinforcing this commitment to self-acceptance.

“They all think that they can be the judge of my life
Nothing else to do but pick apart, criticize.”
The song also touches upon the judgments and criticisms that come with the visibility and scrutiny of being in the public eye. But ITZY isn’t having any of it, rejecting these criticisms and affirming their commitment to live life on their own terms.

“No matter if you love me or hate me
I wanna be me, one and only me.”
The song wraps up by addressing the inevitability of differing opinions. Love or hate, ITZY is committed to being their unique selves. It’s a potent reminder that self-love is the ultimate form of rebellion against societal norms.

The Story Behind “WANNABE”

Released in 2020 as part of their album “It’z Me,” “WANNABE” arrived at a crucial point in ITZY’s career. The group had already made waves in the K-pop industry with their debut and subsequent releases, but “WANNABE” solidified their brand as unapologetically youthful and self-affirming.

The timing was perfect. In an era where young people are increasingly bombarded with societal expectations through social media, academic pressures, and even within families, “WANNABE” serves as a kind of antidote. The song isn’t just catchy; it captures a sentiment that resonates deeply with its audience. It’s a message that everyone—not just young people—needs to hear: be yourself and be proud of it.

The members of ITZY were in a position where they had the platform to speak to these issues. With “WANNABE,” they did more than create a pop hit; they crafted an empowerment anthem. And they did it in a way that’s relatable, setting aside idealized images to focus on the raw, sometimes messy journey of finding oneself. This isn’t just another pop song; it’s a powerful statement for anyone who’s ever felt confined by the expectations of others.

So, if you ever find yourself drowning in a sea of judgment, societal pressures, or self-doubt, maybe it’s time to turn up the volume and let “WANNABE” remind you of the power of just being you.