Jordan Davis – “Buy Dirt” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

Joanna holds a BSc in English Literature and uses her expertise in literary analysis to uncover the deeper meaning of her favorite songs.

Jordan Davis’s song “Buy Dirt” is a soulful reflection on the genuine treasures of life, rather than material pursuits. The song conveys that life’s true value lies in love, family, and the memories we create. Through a conversation with an older gentleman, the lyrics stress the importance of investing in tangible and intangible assets that bring lasting happiness. Grounded in a blend of life advice and country wisdom, Davis speaks about building a life on solid foundations rather than fleeting pursuits. This heartfelt melody is not just a recommendation but a reminder that in the rush of life, happiness doesn’t always come from chasing dollars but rather from buying ‘dirt’ – both a literal piece of land and the foundational values of life.

Curious about how the lyrics shape this poignant message? Let’s dive deeper!

“Buy Dirt” Lyrics Meaning

The opening lines set a scene where the protagonist converses with an elderly man, drawing out life’s wisdom. This conversation underscores the essence of the song. When the older man learns the protagonist is “chasing a dollar,” his response is profound: “Buy dirt.” This is not just about purchasing land; it’s a metaphor for grounding oneself, establishing roots, and investing in things that grow and give value over time.

The line, “Find the one you can’t live without,” underscores the importance of love and human connections. Pair that with, “Get a ring, let your knee hit the ground,” and there’s a clear nod to commitment, be it in love or in life.

“Do what you love but call it work” emphasizes passion over profession, and the value in finding joy in one’s daily endeavors. This theme of valuing intangibles continues with the act of giving at church, a gesture symbolizing gratitude and understanding of life’s broader picture.

Sending “prayers up and your roots down deep” magnificently captures the song’s essence. While prayers ascend to the heavens, symbolizing hope and faith, roots delve deep into the earth, representing stability, growth, and a sense of belonging.

The recurrent motif of the “pencil marks” and “grass in the yard” is a poignant representation of time. Watching children grow, marked by the height lines on a wall, and the lawn flourish, indicates that time is fleeting. It’s a nudge to cherish every moment.

The closing lines resonate with the idea that while happiness is intangible and cannot be bought, investing in ‘dirt’ – in foundational values and lasting assets – can lead to genuine contentment.

The Story Behind “Buy Dirt”

Jordan Davis’s inspiration for “Buy Dirt” likely stemmed from a place of introspection and personal evolution. As artists grow, they often reflect on the essence of life and what truly matters. Davis, in this song, shifts away from the whirlwind of celebrity life, urging listeners to contemplate what’s genuinely valuable.

The emphasis on conversations with elders, shared wisdom, and the symbolic representation of dirt as both land and life’s foundation could hint at Davis’s own journey. Maybe he found himself at a crossroad, where the glamour of stardom clashed with deeper personal values, leading him to pen this song.

In essence, “Buy Dirt” isn’t just a song; it’s a testament to life’s profound lessons and the constant search for true happiness.