KALEO – “All the Pretty Girls” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“All the Pretty Girls” by KALEO delves into the complexities of love, jealousy, and longing. The song revolves around the character Samuel, who seems to effortlessly capture the hearts of “all the pretty girls.” Yet, this creates a sense of isolation and yearning in the narrator, who feels overshadowed. The repeated line “Won’t you lay me down” encapsulates this desire for intimacy and connection that seems perpetually out of reach. It’s a haunting ballad that captures the sometimes bitter pill of love—that it doesn’t always go the way we want.

Ever wondered why that KALEO song, “All the Pretty Girls,” hits you right in the feels? Stick around; we’re diving deep into its poetic lyrics to uncover what makes this song a heartfelt masterpiece.

“All the Pretty Girls” Lyrics Meaning

From the opening lines, we’re introduced to Samuel—a character who easily wins over women but “really doesn’t share.” This immediately paints a picture of a romantic battlefield where love isn’t equally distributed. The words “Life is anything but fair” lay it bare, emphasizing the narrator’s feelings of inequity in love.

As we move through the lyrics, the song becomes a timeline of heartbreak and realization. “Just as soon as they turn older, He’ll come and sweep them off their feet” suggests a cyclical pattern. Samuel keeps attracting new love interests, while the narrator is left contemplating his “hidden love beneath.”

The repetition of “Won’t you lay me, won’t you lay me down” is so powerful because it’s a plea—an aching call for emotional and physical intimacy. It’s not just about being laid down physically, but emotionally, to be seen and heard.

“All alone, alone again, No one lends a helping hand,” adds another layer of desolation. It speaks to a broader loneliness, a universal feeling of waiting for someone to notice us, to care, to ‘lay us down’ in a way that fulfills those deep yearnings we all have.

“Sail on by, sail on by for now,” captures a resigned acceptance. The narrator knows he can’t change Samuel, can’t change how ‘all the pretty girls’ flock to someone else, but there’s still a sense of hope. The closing lines “I’ll wait, I’ll wait for you” is a haunting resolve to keep hoping against hope, against all sense and reason, for that elusive connection.

The Story Behind “All the Pretty Girls”

JJ Julius Son, the band’s frontman and primary songwriter, penned this poignant ballad. When writing “All the Pretty Girls,” he was navigating complex feelings of love, vulnerability, and perhaps a sense of self-imposed exile. Often, his songs come from a deeply personal space, and this one is no exception. The Icelandic backdrop, both sonically and thematically, adds a layer of raw, haunting beauty to the song. The mindset seems to be one of emotional turbulence, capturing the essence of human frailty when it comes to love. This delicate emotional state sets the stage for the song, making it resonate deeply with anyone who has felt sidelined in love.

Expanding on the emotional backdrop, the song also taps into universal feelings of unrequited love and longing. You don’t need to know Samuel personally to get it; we’ve all known a Samuel in our lives at some point. That person who seems to effortlessly get everything you’ve been pining for, while you watch from the sidelines. JJ Julius Son’s songwriting genius lies in making this complex web of emotions digestible and relatable. The artist has spoken in interviews about his love for blues and folk, genres rooted in raw emotion and storytelling. These influences can be heard clearly in “All the Pretty Girls,” as they blend seamlessly with the atmospheric, almost ethereal, sound that KALEO is known for. The song is an amalgamation of styles, emotions, and themes that hit home, making it an enduring part of many people’s emotional playlists.