Kenshi Yonezu – “KICK BACK” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

Joanna holds a BSc in English Literature and uses her expertise in literary analysis to uncover the deeper meaning of her favorite songs.

This piece is about the relentless pursuit of happiness and the constant tug-of-war between ambition and contentment. Yonezu dives into our deepest yearnings – for love, success, and a sense of belonging. There’s an undeniable rawness in his words, painting a picture of someone chasing stars while grappling with the realities of life. The song resonates with anyone who’s ever wanted more yet found themselves lost in the maze of their own aspirations.

Ever wondered what it feels like to chase a star? To want everything, yet nothing feels enough? “Kick Back” is more than just a melody; it’s an experience echoing your deepest thoughts. Keep reading, and you might just find a piece of yourself in Yonezu’s lyrics.

“Kick Back” Lyrics Meaning

Yonezu starts with a compelling refrain, “努力 未来 a beautiful star” (Effort, future, a beautiful star), setting the stage for a narrative of aspiration and the allure of dreams. These words repeat like a mantra, symbolizing the endless cycle of striving for something just out of reach – a beautiful star, always visible, yet forever distant.

The lines “ランドリー今日はガラ空きでラッキーデイ” (Laundry day is empty, a lucky day) juxtapose mundane daily life with the pursuit of luck and happiness. It’s as if Yonezu is saying, even in the most ordinary moments, we’re searching for signs of fortune.

As we delve deeper, the lyrics “誰だ誰だ頭の中 呼びかける声は” (Who’s there, who’s there, calling in my head?) express a sense of internal conflict and longing. The voices in our head constantly demand more – happiness, ease, success – echoing our insatiable desire for fulfillment.

In the chorus, “幸せになりたい 楽して生きていたい” (Want to be happy, want to live easily), Yonezu captures a universal wish. But there’s a twist – “この手に掴みたい あなたのその胸の中” (Want to grab it with my hands, in your heart) – suggesting that true contentment might lie in human connection, not just personal achievements.

The lyric “ハッピーで埋め尽くして レストインピースまで行こうぜ” (Fill it with happiness, let’s go to rest in peace) is particularly poignant. It’s a call to fill our lives with joy until the very end, despite the hellish struggles we might face, symbolized by “いつかみた地獄もいいところ” (Even the hell I once saw is a good place).

“ハッピー ラッキー こんにちはベイビー” (Happy, lucky, hello baby) and “良い子でいたい そりゃつまらない” (Want to be a good child, that’s boring) reflect a rebellion against societal norms and the realization that conforming doesn’t always lead to happiness. It’s a celebration of individuality and finding one’s own path to fulfillment.

The Story Behind “Kick Back”

The song emerged from a period of observation, where Yonezu witnessed both his own struggles and those of the people around him. The constant chase for a “beautiful star” symbolizes not just personal ambitions but a collective human experience. Yonezu’s mindset was heavily influenced by the juxtaposition of the mundane and the extraordinary. This contrast is evident in the way he weaves everyday scenarios with profound existential yearnings in his lyrics. He observed how people, including himself, juggled daily routines while reaching for something more significant, often feeling lost or unsatisfied despite their efforts.

The song also reflects a deeper understanding of the paradox of happiness. Yonezu realized that while we all seek happiness and ease, the path to these is often fraught with challenges and contradictions. The song’s narrative doesn’t shy away from these contradictions; instead, it embraces them, offering a more nuanced and realistic portrayal of the human pursuit of happiness.

“Kick Back” is also a commentary on societal expectations and the pressure to conform. Yonezu challenges the notion of being a “good child” and the blandness of a life lived according to others’ standards. This perspective came from his own experiences and observations of societal norms, leading him to advocate for individuality and self-discovery as key components of fulfillment.

In essence, “Kick Back” is Yonezu’s poetic exploration of life’s complexities. It’s a song born from a deep understanding of the human psyche, crafted during a time when the artist himself was navigating the intricate dance between dreams and reality.