Level 42 – “Something About You” Lyrics Meaning

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“Something About You” by Level 42 is a song about the complexities of love and relationships. The lyrics touch on the ups and downs of a romantic connection and the imperfections that come with being human. The songwriter’s message is that love can endure despite the challenges. The song isn’t about a specific person but rather a reflection on the universal experience of love and its ability to withstand the test of time.

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“Something About You” Lyrics Meaning

“How, how can it be that a love carved out of caring, fashioned by fate could suffer so hard?” The song opens with a sense of wonder about the complexities of love. It’s a reflection on how a love that seems destined can still face difficulties.

“Making mistakes is a part of life’s imperfections, born of the years.” These lines acknowledge that making mistakes is a natural part of being human. The songwriter suggests that love isn’t immune to imperfections and challenges.

“A million things and a perfect dream of life.” These lyrics convey the idea that love often comes with grand dreams and expectations, but reality can be more fragile than expected. “Gone, fragile, but free, we remain tender together.” The song recognizes the fragility of love but also its ability to endure. It’s about two people staying connected despite the challenges they face.

“Oh, these changing years, they add to your confusion, oh, you need to hear the time that told the truth.” These lines emphasize the importance of time and experience in understanding love and relationships. It’s a recognition that love evolves and matures. “Because there’s something about you, baby, so right.” The recurring line in the song highlights the unexplainable and irresistible nature of the connection between two people.

The Story Behind “Something About You”

Level 42, known for their distinct blend of pop and rock with a touch of jazz and funk, has always been adept at crafting songs that delve into the intricacies of love and relationships. When writing this song, Level 42’s frontman and songwriter, Mark King, was likely in a state of introspection and creative fervor. The band had already garnered a reputation for crafting music that resonated with listeners on both a musical and emotional level. “Something About You” fits seamlessly into their repertoire of heartfelt tunes.

The lyrics of “Something About You” express a sense of wonder and contemplation about the complexities of love. It’s evident that Mark King was reflecting on the mysterious nature of romantic connections and how they can both lift us to great heights and challenge us with their imperfections.

The songwriter’s message in this song is a testament to the enduring power of love. It acknowledges that love isn’t always smooth sailing, that it comes with its share of mistakes and misunderstandings, but at its core, it remains something profound and unexplainable.”Something About You” isn’t about a specific person; instead, it serves as a reflection on the universal experience of love’s ups and downs. It’s a reminder that love can endure and enrich our lives even in the face of challenges and imperfections.

In summary, “Something About You” by Level 42 delves into the complexities of love, highlighting its imperfections and challenges while celebrating its enduring nature. The song isn’t about a specific person but serves as a reflection on the universal experience of love and its ability to withstand the test of time.