Lizzo – “About Damn Time” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” in a nutshell: It’s a vibrant anthem that celebrates self-worth and resilience. Lizzo paints the picture of someone who’s been through tough times but is bouncing back, stronger and sassier than before. The song’s vibes scream about self-confidence, the significance of self-care, and not allowing life’s hardships to dim one’s light. In essence, Lizzo is announcing her return to the scene, feeling fabulous and ready to embrace whatever comes her way.

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“About Damn Time” Lyrics Meaning

Lizzo starts off with a bang, declaring it’s “bad bitch o’clock.” She’s owning her strength and confidence. The term “thick-thirty” is playful and bold, indicating she’s proud of who she is, regardless of societal standards.

As she sings about “been through a lot but still flirty,” she’s reminding us that life’s trials haven’t taken away her spirit or spunk. The line “It’s been a minute, tell me how you’re healin’” suggests she’s re-entering a scene or space she once left, possibly hinting at a break or hiatus in her career or personal life.

The chorus encapsulates the essence of the song. When she says, “Turn up the music, turn down the lights,” it signifies the urge to celebrate life and be in the moment. The repeated line “It’s about damn time” drives home the theme of realization and embracing oneself. It’s her time to shine, and she’s not holding back.

“I’ma need a sentimental. Man or woman to pump me up” is a nod to her fluid sexuality and the idea that she needs someone who truly understands and complements her.

The part about being “down and under pressure” but feeling too fabulous to be stressed suggests that even in challenging times, Lizzo’s self-worth remains unshaken. She’s made a journey from the person she once was, signifying growth, maturity, and newfound confidence.

The outro where she repeatedly sings about “coming out tonight” can be seen as her re-emergence. Not only is she stepping out literally, but it also seems metaphorical – emerging stronger from personal battles.

The Story Behind “About Damn Time”

Lizzo has always advocated for body positivity and self-love, but like everyone, she’s had her share of ups and downs. While not explicitly mentioned, given her previous interviews and public presence, one can surmise that she went through a period of introspection and self-growth.

In this period, Lizzo likely faced pressures, both personal and from the industry. Pressures that could stem from body shamers, critics, or personal insecurities. The song, in many ways, feels like a rebirth for Lizzo. A moment where she decided to shed any past burdens and embrace her true self with unapologetic flair.

“About Damn Time” seems to be a marker of this transformation, celebrating her re-entrance into the world. It’s not just about facing the world but doing so with flair, confidence, and that signature Lizzo sass.

This song serves as an emblematic memoir of Lizzo’s journey, reminding everyone that no matter the hurdles, there’s always a time to shine, to dance, and to be wholly and unabashedly oneself.