Lost Sky (Ft. Chris Linton) – “Fearless, Pt. II” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Fearless, Pt. II” by Lost Sky, featuring Chris Linton, dives deep into confronting fears and breaking free from constraints. It’s a journey of self-realization, an acknowledgment of being trapped, and a proclamation of rising above challenges. The songwriter captures the essence of facing life’s adversities head-on, embracing change, and finding oneself amidst the chaos.

Unlock the captivating world of Lost Sky’s “Fearless, Pt. II” and unravel its profound layers. Keep reading to dive deeper.

“Fearless, Pt. II” Lyrics Meaning

Starting with the line “Over the edge, feel like I’m floating through the air”, the song immediately portrays an image of someone on the brink of change. It’s as if they’ve been pushed to their limits and are now experiencing an almost weightless freedom.

“The pain I felt is paid for, all is said and done” showcases relief. Past pains and struggles, once anchors, have now been settled. It’s a reflection of closure.

“I am restricted, fixed upon the web. I need to kick the habit that my mind is breathing in” touches on feeling trapped, possibly in one’s thoughts or habits. It indicates the need for change.

The chorus – “Break out, I’ve got to see… I played it innocent, a feel of discontent. I’m finally facing it all, fearless” – screams of emancipation. After years of possibly playing safe, there’s a deep desire to face fears and uncertainties.

“Burning the bridge that keeps us” speaks about leaving the past behind, suggesting a conscious decision to move away from what’s holding them back.

As the song progresses, lines like “Exaggerated, that’s what you assume. The story’s over now, I must conclude” point to external judgments. There’s a realization that what others perceive doesn’t define reality.

And while “Fearless, Pt. II” might have a broad appeal due to its anthemic nature, it’s also deeply personal. This duality is what makes it such a potent track.

The line “I am conflicted, watching where I step, still” might be a reflection of the continuous struggle, even after the initial realization of the need to change. It’s one thing to acknowledge one’s fears, but it’s another to navigate the path to overcome them. This sentiment rings true for many who’ve tried to challenge their boundaries and comfort zones.

“Hanging in the balance, not the life I want to live” speaks to the transitional phase – that moment of indecision and teetering between the old self and the one that’s reborn from facing adversities. The lyric, “I want to take it all, standing tall,” further solidifies the theme of not just confronting fears but conquering them.

The Story Behind “Fearless, Pt. II”

Lost Sky, known for crafting emotive electronic tracks, doesn’t shy away from sharing personal experiences. Chris Linton, with his evocative vocals, further enhances the emotive depth. The song, “Fearless, Pt. II,” seems rooted in a moment of epiphany. Whether this reflects a personal journey of either artist is open to interpretation, but one can’t ignore the raw authenticity it emits.

Perhaps at some juncture in their lives, both artists confronted challenges that seemed insurmountable. The intensity and repetition of “Fearless” in the track possibly underscore a mantra-like assertion to oneself. It’s a call to embrace fear, to acknowledge it, and then to rise above it.

The feeling of being trapped, of needing to ‘break out’ might have come from societal expectations or self-imposed limitations. As artists, they’re familiar with the pressures and critiques from external sources.

The song is a narrative, a declaration, and an anthem rolled into one. It resonates with listeners because everyone, at some point in their lives, has felt the weight of their fears. And through this song, both Lost Sky and Chris Linton seem to say, “You’re not alone in this fight. We’ve been there, and here’s our story.”