Mac DeMarco – “Heart to Heart” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Mac DeMarco’s “Heart to Heart” is a soulful exploration of love and separation, capturing the lingering emotions and connections between two hearts that have shared significant experiences. A deep sense of nostalgia and yearning echoes throughout the song, as DeMarco reflects on both the togetherness and separation between two individuals. The narrative goes beyond mere words; it signifies the complexities of human relationships and shared histories.

The song beautifully encapsulates the sentiment of cherishing past moments while acknowledging the distance that has grown over time. Mac DeMarco, with his poetic expression, invites the listener to reflect on the intricate dynamics of relationships and the timeless bond that keeps hearts connected even through time and distance.

There’s more to “Heart to Heart” than meets the eye. Dive into a world of emotions as we decode the symbolism and intricacies of Mac DeMarco’s lyrics. Join us to uncover the hidden nuances and meanings in this heartfelt melody.

“Heart to Heart” Lyrics Meaning

“Heart to Heart” starts with DeMarco reminiscing about the days spent together and the times apart, setting the stage for the poignant narrative. The repeated phrase “Of each other’s lives, Heart to heart” symbolizes a deep emotional connection, suggesting an understanding that transcends words and exists only between two closely intertwined hearts.

Then, we encounter the line “And so I had a late arrival, So we never saw the start.” This could indicate a relationship that started spontaneously, without a defined beginning. DeMarco’s reference to a “late arrival” can be seen as the inherent imperfection of timing in human relationships – the kind of unexpected turns that life often takes.

The lyrics “Know it seems so quick and easy, Sentimentally assumed, Walking parallels, Heart to heart” express the misconception that relationships can be straightforward or simplistically defined. DeMarco hints at the deeper layers, the ‘sentimental assumptions’ that often go unnoticed. The term ‘Walking parallels’ signifies two lives walking side by side, yet never truly merging, depicting the bittersweet reality of love and companionship.

In the repeated verse “To all the days we were together, To all the time we played a part, In each other’s lives, Heart to heart”, DeMarco emphasizes the significance of shared moments in each other’s lives, conveying a deep sense of gratitude and nostalgia for those shared experiences.

Finally, the recurring refrain “Heart to heart” serves as a powerful metaphor for connection, understanding, and shared emotional experience. It’s a sonic emblem of the bond that persists between two individuals, despite time and circumstance.

The Story Behind “Heart to Heart”

Delving into the circumstances surrounding the creation of “Heart to Heart” enriches our understanding of the song’s heartfelt lyrics. When writing this song, Mac DeMarco was in a reflective state, deeply contemplating the nature of relationships, time, and the human heart. He skillfully conveys these emotions and introspections through his poetic lyrics, inviting listeners to partake in this deeply personal exploration.

While DeMarco hasn’t explicitly stated who the song is about, it can be inferred from the lyrics that it was written about someone significant in his life with whom he shared a deep, emotional connection. Perhaps it is about a romantic relationship or a close friendship, reflecting the trials and tribulations, joy, and sorrow that such profound relationships encompass.

The song may have been born out of DeMarco’s musings over the dynamics of such relationships and the emotional rollercoaster that they entail. His contemplative mindset, coupled with his ability to articulate complex emotions through simple, yet evocative lyrics, breathes life into the song. His artistry in evoking a sense of longing, the power of shared experiences, and the pain of separation, makes “Heart to Heart” a deeply emotive and relatable piece of music.

A line from the song, “So I had a late arrival, So we never saw the start,” indicates that the relationship might have had an unexpected or abrupt beginning, contributing to the complexities later. It emphasizes that timing plays a significant role in the dynamics of relationships and their eventual course.

To summarize, “Heart to Heart” is a result of DeMarco’s introspection and meditation on relationships, connections, and emotional dynamics. He adeptly encapsulates these reflections into the song’s lyrics, resulting in a beautifully poignant and deeply emotive composition. Through the nuances of the song, we get an insight into DeMarco’s introspective state of mind, enhancing our appreciation and understanding of the song and its rich layers of meaning.