Machine Gun Kelly – “Bad Things” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Bad Things” dives deep into an intense and passionate relationship filled with raw emotion and a tinge of danger. It’s all about attraction that’s so overpowering that it’s intoxicating, perhaps even addicting. The theme revolves around the complexities of love – how it can be so wrong, yet feel so right. The lyrics hint at a somewhat reckless relationship, but the kind that you can’t stay away from.

Tempted to know more? Stay with us. We’re about to dive into every corner of this passionate song.

“Bad Things” Lyrics Meaning

Starting off with the lyrics “Am I out of my head? Am I out of my mind?” sets the tone for a song filled with internal conflict and powerful attraction. It’s clear that the protagonist is questioning their feelings, emotions, and the choices they’re making.

The lines, “If you only knew the bad things I like” followed by “It’s complicated” emphasize the duality of the relationship. On one hand, it’s intense and seductive; on the other, it’s fraught with challenges that can’t be easily explained.

The repetition of “Don’t matter what you say, Don’t matter what you do, I only wanna do bad things to you” portrays an unyielding, fervent desire. It suggests that this attraction can’t be denied no matter the circumstances or external opinions.

Now, let’s dive into that chorus. “I want you forever, Even when we’re not together, Scars on my body so I can take you wherever” gives us a sense that this relationship, whether it’s past or ongoing, has left a lasting impression, both physically and emotionally.

The bridge, “The way we love is so unique” followed by “Cause we’re just living, Between the sheets”, further cements the idea of a relationship that’s as tumultuous as it is intimate.

Throughout the song, there’s a consistent theme of dichotomy – the good with the bad, the pleasure with the pain, the assurance with the doubts.

The Story Behind “Bad Things”

When Machine Gun Kelly teamed up with Camila Cabello for “Bad Things”, the collaboration resulted in an electrifying tune that captures the essence of an all-consuming love. The song’s lyrics shed light on the kind of relationship that might raise eyebrows but remains unapologetically passionate.

Around the time of the song’s release, Machine Gun Kelly was making a transition from being primarily a rapper to experimenting with more pop and rock elements. This song is a testament to that journey, blurring the lines between genres and showcasing his versatility as an artist.

The emotions conveyed in the song reflect a state of mind where one grapples with a connection that’s irresistible but not without its complications. It’s reminiscent of those relationships that everyone has had at one point or another – the ones that are hard to define, even harder to let go of, but impossible to forget.

There’s also a sense of vulnerability in the song. Even amidst the bold proclamations of desire and love, there are subtle undertones of longing and a yearning for understanding. This duality – of strength and vulnerability – makes “Bad Things” an anthem for those who have loved fiercely and perhaps, recklessly.

In essence, “Bad Things” is not just a song; it’s an emotion, an experience, and a journey through the labyrinth of love and passion. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of such a relationship, this song resonates, reminding us of the complexities of human emotions and connections.