Maddie & Tae – “Every Night Every Morning” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Maddie & Tae’s “Every Night Every Morning” is a sweet serenade reflecting enduring love and the consistent rekindling of emotions. The song’s soothing melody echoes the essence of a loving relationship where daily routines are intertwined with unwavering affection. The song portrays a harmonious dance between two souls, resonating with genuine love and a timeless bond. It offers a glimpse into a love story where emotions are reborn “every night and every morning,” creating a blissful loop of eternal love and devotion.

Dive into the heart of a timeless love story with Maddie & Tae’s “Every Night Every Morning.” Discover the beauty of enduring love and the symphony of emotions in every note!

“Every Night Every Morning” Lyrics Meaning

“Every Night Every Morning” by Maddie & Tae unfolds a story of love so serene and deep, reflecting the profound connection between two individuals. The song begins with a casual inquiry, “Baby how was your day? / Did you call your momma, is she okay?” painting a picture of a relationship embedded in care and the small, everyday details that constitute a shared life.

The line, “Are you thinkin’ whiskey or Cabernet / Let me get it, let’s get drunk on a weekday,” portrays an easygoing and comfortable relationship, characterized by mutual understanding and shared moments of joy. The offering to share a drink on a weekday illustrates the spontaneity and the mutual desire to relish each other’s company.

The repetition of the lines, “He said, ‘I know I don’t say it enough / But I swear I love you ain’t just from the buzz’,” symbolizes the sincerity and depth of feelings, going beyond superficial expressions of love. It underscores the conscious acknowledgment and vocalization of love, reflecting the genuine bond between the partners.

The chorus, “Every night and every morning / I fall all over again and again,” is the heart of the song, showcasing the perpetual renewal of love. It emphasizes the beauty of experiencing love anew with each passing day, affirming the unending cycle of falling in love “over again and again.”

Lastly, the vision, “I can see us in 50 years / Rocking pointed west, rocking chairs,” introduces a sense of longevity and commitment, portraying a love that is envisioned to last a lifetime, to grow old together, proving some loves indeed “never fade.”

The Story Behind “Every Night Every Morning”

The lyrical journey of “Every Night Every Morning” is Maddie & Tae’s homage to enduring love and the enduring tranquility that stems from being with a loved one. The lyrics, brimming with subtle nuances of everyday love and commitment, resonate with the universal longing for a love that renews and strengthens with time.

Given the personal and intimate nature of the songwriting, it’s plausible that the songwriters have drawn inspiration from their own experiences and relationships, weaving together elements of familiarity, comfort, and enduring affection. The simplicity of the words complements the depth of emotions conveyed, creating a harmonious blend of the mundane and the profound.

The song reflects a state of contentment and a sense of fulfillment emanating from a loving relationship. The depiction of everyday scenarios combined with promises of lifelong companionship showcases the multifaceted nature of love, balancing the immediate with the eternal.

“Every Night Every Morning” is more than a song; it’s a reflection of moments and emotions that define our lives. It is a reminder of the beauty of ordinary love and its extraordinary feelings, allowing listeners to relate, reflect, and revel in the timeless dance of love and life.