Maria Mena – “It Took Me By Surprise” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Maria Mena’s “It Took Me By Surprise” delves into the complexities of relationships, especially those marred by miscommunication and misunderstanding. Through soulful introspection, the song paints a narrative of a partner who has unintentionally hurt their significant other, leading to strained emotions and eventual realization of their actions. The evocative lyrics capture regret, guilt, and the profound impact of unspoken words, reminding listeners of the fragility of human connections.

Dive deep into a raw exploration of relationships, unspoken words, and regret. Join us on a journey that will tug at your heartstrings.

“It Took Me By Surprise” Lyrics Meaning

Maria Mena begins with vivid imagery, “I would react badly to the slightest hint of hesitance,” highlighting the fragility of the relationship from the outset. The partner’s awkward attempts to appease the singer indicate an imbalance of power and emotions. When she mentions, “He’d bend awkwardly to suit my mood,” it underlines the partner’s submissive stance, constantly trying to fit into her expectations.

Her tears, described as “acid burning through his skin,” bring out the intensity of the emotional pain she unintentionally inflicts on him. These tears, representative of guilt and realization, have dual implications – her sorrow for the rift and the realization of the damage she’s causing.

The lines, “Pushed every little button, But the right one that would let me in,” touch on the irony of misunderstanding. Despite their closeness, she’s always missing the right ways to connect truly, leading to further emotional distance.

The chorus is particularly poignant, “It took me by surprise, The hatred in his eyes.” The surprise shows her obliviousness to his pain, while the “hatred” is the bottled-up emotions finally surfacing.

The recurring phrase “Now he’s afraid of me” encapsulates the theme. It’s not fear in the traditional sense but fear of further emotional trauma, vulnerability, and getting hurt again.

The song’s final lines shed light on the culmination of their issues: “He acted out, now I can see it is my fault.” This realization is painful, yet it offers a chance for redemption and understanding, albeit a bit too late.

The Story Behind “It Took Me By Surprise”

When it comes to raw, unabashed emotional narratives, Maria Mena has always been a master. Her songs have a knack for echoing the vulnerabilities we all hide, and “It Took Me By Surprise” is no exception.

Drawing from personal experiences, as she often does, this song can be viewed as a chapter from her own life’s book. While it’s not explicitly mentioned who the song is about, one can sense it’s deeply personal, potentially touching on a past relationship where communication was the missing link.

The emotional weight carried in the song might also reflect Maria’s state of mind during its conception. Artists often channel their personal turmoils into their art, and for Maria, music might have been a therapeutic outlet, a way to reconcile with past actions, and find closure.

Navigating the realm of relationships, misunderstandings, and hurt, “It Took Me By Surprise” stands as a testament to Mena’s deep introspection and her ability to translate that into universally relatable music. It’s a heart-wrenching reminder of the consequences of not truly listening or understanding our partners, making it a powerful piece in Mena’s discography.