Men I Trust – “Show Me How” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Show Me How” by Men I Trust is an enchanting song that explores the longing for deep understanding and connection in a relationship. It illustrates a quest to understand a partner’s emotions, experiences, and perspectives. The song is an ode to patient exploration, empathetic understanding, and resilience in love. It’s not specifically about a single person, but rather a sentiment many can relate to. The songwriter seeks to express the often overlooked need for vulnerability and communication in relationships. The emphasis on ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling’ reflects a desire for genuine action over hollow words.

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“Show Me How” Lyrics Meaning

The song opens with a call for sincerity: “Show me how you care / Tell me how you loved before.” These lines convey a desire to truly understand the partner’s emotional landscape. The singer doesn’t just want verbal affirmation, but also actions that reflect the partner’s feelings.

“Show me how you smile / Tell me why your hands are cold.” These sentences reflect an attempt to comprehend the other person beyond superficial levels. The ‘cold hands’ may metaphorically suggest emotional distance or reluctance to open up.

The lines “I’m turning around / I’m having visions of you / But then I understand / The friend I’m dreaming of is far away” show the singer’s realization that the image they had of their partner may not entirely align with reality. They acknowledge that the person they desire may exist only in their dreams, representing a distance not just in physical terms, but also emotional.

Repeatedly, the lyrics circle back to the chorus, “Show me how.” This is a recurring plea for vulnerability and openness, reinforcing the central theme of the song.

The last lines, “The friend I’m dreaming of is far away / And doesn’t feel my love / But I do / I do,” is an acceptance of unrequited feelings. Despite the distance and the unreciprocated emotions, the singer’s love remains, suggesting a resilience in their emotional capacity.

The Story Behind “Show Me How”

It’s challenging to pinpoint precisely what state of mind the writer was in when creating this song, as lyrics often stem from complex emotions and experiences. However, given the introspective and poignant nature of “Show Me How”, it’s likely the songwriter was navigating feelings of longing, emotional disconnect, or unrequited love.

The song’s melancholic yet hopeful tone may reflect a journey of self-discovery, wherein understanding others also means understanding oneself. It could be seen as a reflective piece born out of a desire to promote more profound empathy, patience, and resilience in relationships. The songwriter paints an image not of despair, but of a human spirit that remains resilient, hopeful, and loving despite emotional hurdles.