MIYNT – “Vanilla sky” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

Joanna holds a BSc in English Literature and uses her expertise in literary analysis to uncover the deeper meaning of her favorite songs.

MIYNT’s “Vanilla sky” is a tune wrapped in the allure of the night and the escapism it offers. It’s about the intoxicating blend of freedom and isolation you feel under a “vanilla sky,” a metaphor for those otherworldly moments when reality feels altered. The lyrics dance with the idea of detachment, a sensation of observing life from a distance, like from a rooftop. The repeated lines “I can feel it coming” might suggest an anticipation for change or an omen of things about to unfold.

MIYNT wrote it to capture the essence of losing oneself to the night, under a sky that promises the sweet, yet ambiguous taste of what’s to come.

Hey, don’t just walk away. You’ve just scratched the surface. There’s a whole sky of meanings waiting for you to explore. Let’s find out what’s coming. Let’s unravel the night’s secrets together.

“Vanilla sky” Lyrics Meaning

We’ve been dancing on the roof. Right from the get-go, MIYNT transports us to a place high above the mundane, a rooftop. It’s about elevation, physically and metaphorically. The song sets the stage for a vantage point that offers a different perspective on life.

“It was a great idea,” she sings. The rooftop dance is a metaphor, one for taking chances, for seeing things from a new angle. The people below are a blur, their sounds just “Distortion in my ear.” It’s a disconnect from the world’s noise and expectations.

As the words “I can feel it coming” echo through the song, the anticipation builds. It’s the heartbeat of the song, a mantra that something is on the horizon. But what? Change? Insight? Trouble? It’s intentionally vague, leaving us tingling with the sense of imminent revelation or perhaps chaos.

“Dirty boys, the stars are out tonight / And they shine for you.” Here, there’s a shift. The stars are shining for the dirty boys, the rebels, the outcasts. MIYNT might be saying that even the imperfect, the flawed among us, have moments of beauty and clarity.

Lately, she’s “been walking in my sleep / Playing with the sharks.” The dreamlike state suggests a confrontation with danger or fear, symbolized by sharks. It’s as if she’s toying with things beyond her control, flirting with the edge of safety. And yet, she dances on, unafraid.

“Dancing in the dark,” the lyrics suggest, isn’t just about physical darkness but an emotional one, too. The darkness is where you find truth, where you can be real without the glare of judgment.

The repetition in the song isn’t just for effect; it’s a spiral. Each “I can feel it coming” feels more intense, urgent. It’s like a build-up to a climactic realization that never quite arrives, keeping the listener in suspense, always reaching for that vanilla sky.

The Story Behind “Vanilla sky”

MIYNT wrote this song from a place of contemplation, in a phase of life where the days bleed into nights and moments feel simultaneously fleeting and eternal. In this state of mind, MIYNT is both a part of the world and apart from it. It’s a paradoxical space where one finds clarity in ambiguity and solitude in the crowd. This mood is a canvas for self-reflection and exploring the shadows that we often ignore in the daylight.

“Vanilla sky” is likely a product of those late-night musings, the kind that only arise when the world is quiet enough for you to hear your own thoughts. It’s about the comfort found in the dark, the allure of the unknown, and the thrill of the night sky that watches over the world’s whispered secrets.

MIYNT, through this song, has managed to create an anthem for the night owls, the thinkers, the quiet rebels, and the dreamers. It’s for those who find beauty in the in-between places, where the sky blends with the dawn, promising a new flavor of reality—a vanilla sky.