OMC (Ft. Sina Saipaia) – “How Bizarre” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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The song captures a series of surreal and unexpected events experienced by the narrator and his companions during a road trip. It’s about the thrill of the journey, the unpredictability of life, and the bizarre situations one can encounter along the way. The songwriter, Pauly Fuemana, uses vivid imagery and a repetitive chorus to emphasize how life’s oddities can be both bewildering and exciting. This track isn’t just an account of random events; it reflects the nature of life’s journey, encouraging listeners to embrace the unexpected turns with a sense of wonder and amusement.

Curious about the whirlwind of peculiar adventures and the deeper message behind the catchy chorus of “How Bizarre”? Keep reading to uncover the layers of meaning hidden within this iconic 90s hit and the story of its creation.

“How Bizarre” Lyrics Meaning

The opening lines set the scene with Brother Pele and sweet Zina cruising down the freeway, only to be stopped by the police. This encounter with authority introduces the theme of the unexpected, which runs throughout the song. The lyrics, “How bizarre, how bizarre,” serve as a refrain that punctuates the narrative, highlighting the oddity of each situation they find themselves in.

As the journey continues, they encounter a series of strange and colorful characters and scenarios: a circus poster that evokes nostalgia, a ringmaster announcing the departure of elephants, and an impromptu street party that draws attention from the media and law enforcement. These vivid images paint a picture of a world where anything can happen, and often does. The chorus, “Ooh, baby (ooh, baby) / It’s making me crazy (it’s making me crazy) / Every time I look around (look around) / Every time I look around (every time I look around) / Every time I look around / It’s in my face,” captures the narrator’s bewilderment and fascination with the ever-changing landscape of their adventure.

“Jumped into the Chevy, headed for big lights,” suggests a desire to escape to a place of fame and fortune, a common dream that adds another layer to the song’s exploration of the bizarre. The mention of selling the story’s rights at the end cheekily acknowledges the commercial aspect of storytelling in music, inviting listeners to ponder the line between art and commerce.

The repetitive nature of the chorus, combined with the eclectic mix of scenes, underscores the song’s message about the cyclical and often unpredictable nature of life. The catchy melody and upbeat rhythm belie a deeper contemplation of how bizarre experiences shape our journey, urging us to look around and embrace the chaos with a sense of awe and humor.

The Story Behind “How Bizarre”

Fuemana, hailing from New Zealand, brought his unique perspective to the song, blending elements of pop, rap, and Polynesian music to create a fresh and familiar sound. The song, with its whimsical recounting of a journey full of unexpected turns, can be seen as a metaphor for Fuemana’s own path to success. The bizarre encounters and the constant motion reflect the whirlwind of his experience in the spotlight, highlighting the surreal aspects of fame and the entertainment world.

Moreover, the song’s backdrop—traveling in a Chevy, encounters with the police, and the circus imagery—draws from Fuemana’s observations of American culture and its contrasts with his own. This juxtaposition serves as a commentary on the universal search for identity and belonging in a world that often feels strange and unpredictable.