Paul Kalkbrenner – “Feed Your Head” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Feed Your Head” is a sonic journey, weaving together themes of self-discovery and the surreal nature of consciousness. The song invites listeners into a world where reality blurs with fantasy, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” It’s not just about a person, but a universal experience of questioning and exploring one’s mind.

The message? It’s a call to nurture our intellect and curiosity, challenging us to look beyond the ordinary. Kalkbrenner isn’t just creating music; he’s sparking a conversation about the power of our thoughts and perceptions.

“Feed Your Head” is a gateway to exploring the depths of your mind. Ready to unlock the mysteries?

“Feed Your Head” Lyrics Meaning

“Feed Your Head” starts with a clear nod to “Alice in Wonderland”: “One pill makes you larger, And one pill makes you small.” These opening lines set the stage for a journey into the surreal. They reflect our quest for understanding and the choices we make that shape our perception of reality.

The recurring phrase, “Go ask Alice, When she’s ten feet tall,” is a metaphor for seeking wisdom in unusual places. It suggests that sometimes, we find answers where we least expect them — in the midst of our own altered states of consciousness.

The hook, “Remember what the dormouse said, Feed your head, Feed your head,” is particularly striking. It’s not just a catchy lyric; it’s an urging to continually expand our knowledge and awareness. Kalkbrenner is emphasizing the importance of intellectual and spiritual nourishment.

The lines about chasing rabbits and speaking with a hookah-smoking caterpillar further deepen the connection to “Alice in Wonderland.” They symbolize our pursuit of understanding in a world that often makes little sense, and the guidance we find in unlikely mentors.

Throughout the song, there’s a blend of reality and fantasy, mirroring the complexities of the human mind. Kalkbrenner uses this blend to encourage listeners to embrace their curiosity and dive into the unknown regions of their thoughts and imagination.

The Story Behind “Feed Your Head”

When Paul Kalkbrenner wrote “Feed Your Head,” he was in a state of artistic exploration. This song is a reflection of his own journey through the realms of creativity and consciousness. He was not just writing music; he was dissecting the fabric of thought and perception.

Kalkbrenner, much like Alice in her Wonderland, was navigating a world of endless possibilities and surreal experiences. His state of mind was one of curiosity and a desire to break free from conventional thinking. This song is a testament to his belief in the power of the human mind to transcend ordinary experiences.

“Feed Your Head” is more than just a song; it’s a narrative of self-discovery and enlightenment. Kalkbrenner was tapping into a universal quest for understanding, inviting listeners to join him on a journey through the rabbit hole of their own minds. His message is clear: our thoughts and imagination are boundless, and it’s within our power to explore and nurture them.