Post Malone – “White Iverson” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Have you ever wondered about the inspiration behind the “White Iverson” melody that keeps playing in your head? Post Malone’s song isn’t just about basketball or flaunting wealth. At its core, it’s about aspiration, struggle, and the desire to succeed. Drawing parallels with NBA star Allen Iverson, the song plays out the dreams of a young Malone wanting to make it big in the music industry and life.

The constant reference to ‘ballin’ is a testament to his hustle, game, and grind. This track is Malone’s reflection on his journey, capturing both the highs and the struggles.

Want to know how Allen Iverson, a sense of luxury, and Malone’s climb to fame intertwine? Stick around as we navigate the layers of this hit.

“White Iverson” Lyrics Meaning

Starting with the unmistakable “Double OT,” Malone sets a sports ambiance. But what’s clever is the duality here. He’s talking both about overtime in basketball and his extended hours grinding for success. The repeated “saucin’ on you” showcases his swagger and confidence – he’s not here to play; he’s here to dominate.

The line “I’m ballin’, Iverson on you” is a nod to Allen Iverson, one of the NBA’s most iconic players. For Malone, Iverson is a symbol of success, of being at the top of one’s game. This becomes an analogy for Malone’s aspirations in the music world.

The lyrics, “I ain’t rich yet, but you know I ain’t broke, I” highlight a phase of transition. Malone’s in a space where he’s tasting success but hasn’t reached his pinnacle. His declaration of “if I see it, I like it, I buy it” is about rewarding himself for his hard work and maybe a touch of youthful impulsiveness.

“My 2-3s and my gold teeth” – again, a wonderful mesh of basketball (Michael Jordan’s number 23) and hip-hop culture (gold teeth or grills).

The emotional crux lies in “When I started ballin’, I was young. You gon’ think about me when I’m gone.” It emphasizes the early start of his journey and a subtle touch on legacy. He’s in it for the long game, not just the current fame.

And towards the end, Malone acknowledges other basketball legends like Davis and Harden but cheekily adds, “Fuck practice” – a famous line from Iverson’s press conference. Here, Malone is playfully suggesting that he’s a natural, that his talent is inborn.

The Story Behind “White Iverson”

Post Malone’s “White Iverson” wasn’t just another song on the charts; it was his breakout single, introducing the world to his unique blend of hip-hop, rock, and R&B. This was 2015, and Malone was barely 20. Imagine being that young with a song going viral.

Behind the melody and the hoops references, there’s a young artist trying to find his footing in the industry. The repeated basketball metaphors are smartly used to depict his journey in the music scene. Malone identifies with Iverson, not just for his gameplay but for his attitude, his rebellious streak, and his dedication to the craft.

This song was written when Malone was at the precipice of fame. The challenges of making it big, the pressures of the industry, the anticipation of what’s next – all find a mention in the lyrics. But at the same time, it’s filled with hope and confidence. It’s as if he knew that he was destined for greatness, and this song was his announcement to the world.

In an industry that’s constantly evolving, Malone’s ability to blend genres, emotions, and experiences stand out. “White Iverson” was his ticket to the big league, and it set the tone for his future endeavors. Beyond the catchy tunes, it’s a testament to a young artist’s dreams, his connection with an NBA legend, and his journey in the complex world of music.