Rex Orange County (Ft. Benny Sings) – “Loving Is Easy” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Loving Is Easy” by Rex Orange County, featuring Benny Sings, is a heartfelt anthem about the transformational power of love. At its core, it expresses the simple joy and relief of finding a love that feels easy and natural, compared to past struggles. The songwriter seems to address a significant person, asking her not to change anything, as he is content with the perfect state of their love. This song paints a vivid picture of someone who was once lost and lonely but has now found solace in a relationship that arrived at just the right time. The songwriter crafted this piece to encapsulate his profound sense of fulfillment and to convey his journey from isolation to emotional contentment.

Curious about how love can be so effortless, after it was once so complicated? Read on, as we dive deeper into the emotional layers of this enchanting tune.

“Loving Is Easy” Lyrics Meaning

Rex Orange County’s words in “Loving Is Easy” navigate through the complexities of relationships, unfolding a narrative of transformation. Let’s explore these lyrics chronologically, as the story unfolds.

“Loving is easy / You had me fucked up / It used to be so hard to see / Yeah, loving is easy / When everything’s perfect / Please don’t change a single little thing for me”

Here, the songwriter is likely expressing his surprise at how easy and fulfilling love can be after having been through difficult experiences. It’s almost like a newfound revelation. The phrases “you had me fucked up” and “it used to be so hard to see” indicate past hardships that the narrator has overcome.

“Listen girl / When you can’t even hide it / And it didn’t take forever to find it / I was all on my own / Almost glad to be alone / Until love came in on time, on time”

The chorus delves into a past of loneliness and the subsequent transition into love. The line, “Until love came in on time” shows how timely this love was, transforming his life when he least expected it but needed it most.

This pattern of verse and chorus repeats throughout the song, reinforcing the key themes of love’s simplicity, timing, and perfection. The recurring “Ooh, oh, woah / Ahh, oh” could be interpreted as his emotional reaction to this love – a sense of awe and wonder.

So far, it’s clear that “Loving Is Easy” is a portrayal of a transformative love that saved the songwriter from a period of loneliness and difficulty. It’s an ode to a love that feels perfect and natural, and the sense of contentment this brings.

The Story Behind “Loving Is Easy”

To understand the sentiment behind “Loving Is Easy,” we should delve into the context in which it was written. During the songwriting process, artists often draw from their personal experiences and emotional states, which often gives songs like these their heart and depth.

At the time of creating this song, Rex Orange County, born Alex O’Connor, was navigating a phase of life that was emotionally tumultuous and confusing. As a young artist rising to fame, he was thrown into a whirlwind of changes that challenged his perception of relationships, personal growth, and self-identity.

“Loving Is Easy” emerged from this chaos as a hopeful beacon, capturing a significant turning point in O’Connor’s life. It’s likely that the song is about someone he held close at that time, someone who helped him through his struggles and gave him a newfound understanding of love and relationships.

The “girl” he references in the song could be a romantic partner, whose presence provided a safe harbor in the turbulent seas of his life. Their relationship, as suggested by the lyrics, was an eye-opener for O’Connor. Love was no longer a complicated maze but an easy and joyful journey when shared with the right person.

Further, the lyrics suggest a deep appreciation for this individual. By saying, “Please don’t change a single little thing for me,” O’Connor implies a sense of contentment with the relationship and the person as they are, which is a beautiful testament to their influence on his life.

The recurring theme of perfect timing, as in the line “Until love came in on time,” could reflect the serendipity of this relationship. Perhaps it arrived at a moment when O’Connor was learning to enjoy solitude but also yearned for companionship – a dichotomy many young adults experience.

In conclusion, “Loving Is Easy” is a celebration of a love that brought comfort and simplicity in a complex period. The song encapsulates the magic of finding a connection that not only reshapes one’s understanding of love but also arrives at a moment when it’s needed the most.