Shania Twain – “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Shania Twain’s hit “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” is all about celebrating femininity, freedom, and having a blast. Twain’s anthem pays homage to the joys of being a woman, embracing one’s true self without societal judgments, and enjoying life on one’s own terms. The catchy chorus and spirited lyrics send a clear message: women should seize their prerogative to have a little fun. It’s not particularly about one person but embodies the spirit of every woman who wants to break free, let their hair down, and dance the night away.

Ever wondered why Shania’s voice screams freedom and joy in every verse? Stick with us, and let’s dig deeper into this song.

“Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” Lyrics Meaning

From the very beginning, with the rallying cry of “Let’s go girls”, we sense a call to action. Women everywhere are invited to shed their inhibitions, to “go out tonight” and “feel alright”. The lyrics “Gonna let it all hang out” capture the essence of liberating oneself from societal constraints and just being oneself.

Twain hints at the dichotomies women often face in society. While women are often urged to be restrained and “politically correct,” the singer openly refuses to conform to such norms. The song showcases the carefree nature of just wanting to “have a good time”.

“The best thing about bein’ a woman/Is the prerogative to have a little fun” is arguably the song’s most powerful message. Here, Twain celebrates the unique joys and privileges of womanhood. The choice of attire, “Men’s shirts, short skirts”, and actions like coloring one’s hair or dancing freely are presented not as acts of rebellion, but rather as a woman’s right to express herself and enjoy her life.

The repetition of “Oh, oh, oh” is more than just a catchy tune. It underlines the highs of freedom and the exhilaration of breaking free. The culmination in the chorus, “Man! I feel like a woman”, encapsulates the essence of the song: a spirited declaration of feminine power and identity.

The Story Behind “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”

When Shania Twain and her then-husband and songwriter, Robert John “Mutt” Lange, penned “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”, it was during a transformative time in Twain’s career. She was transitioning from a new country artist into a global pop superstar. This song, among others from her ‘Come On Over’ album, played a significant role in that shift.

The creative energy behind the song was sparked by both Twain and Lange’s observations of gender roles and societal expectations. They wanted to craft an anthem that would empower women to embrace their individuality and celebrate their femininity without constraints.

Twain herself has often spoken about the influence of her upbringing on her music. Raised in a financially struggling household with domestic issues, she took on significant responsibilities at a young age. Music became her escape. Her struggles instilled in her the importance of self-worth and the need to break free from societal chains.

“Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” is a testament to this sentiment. It’s not just about being a woman, but about relishing in the joys, challenges, and unique experiences of womanhood. Twain’s own journey of self-discovery and resilience resonates in this song, making it an anthem for women everywhere to embrace their true selves.