Shiraz Lane – “For Crying out Loud” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Shiraz Lane’s “For Crying Out Loud” is a rock anthem of rebellion against a system filled with deceit and empty promises. It’s a call to action, urging us to question authority and societal norms that are suffocating us. The song doesn’t target a specific individual but instead focuses on a flawed system led by greed and hypocrisy. It’s a rallying cry for change, urging us to “stand as one” and declare, “This can’t go on.”

Curious about what fuels this anthem of rebellion and unity?

“For Crying out Loud” Lyrics Meaning

Starting off with “Cure,” the band doesn’t mince words. They’re telling us that what’s coming next is an antidote to the systemic issues they’re about to highlight. As they declare “Tired of reading magazines / Just lies and empty promises,” it’s clear that they’re frustrated with media perpetuating falsehoods and setting up unrealistic expectations. Shiraz Lane is done with that and is saying we should be too.

But the song is about more than just media deceit. “Hearts blackened by greed / Stringing us along for the ride” speaks to a broader societal issue. Whether it’s politicians or corporations, those in power are exploiting the masses. Their greed casts a dark shadow over society, but the song asserts that it’s not too late to correct the course. “We’ve got to get out,” is a plea but also a statement of possibility. We have the option to break free.

The line “Preaching without practicing / Bad leading and blind following” delves into the hypocrisy and irresponsibility of those in authority. The band is highlighting how harmful it can be when the blind lead the blind in a system that preaches values it doesn’t practice.

“Don’t tell me what I need / It’s time to let the people decide” takes us to the core of the song’s message. It’s a call for individual and collective empowerment. The band wants us to reclaim our voice, urging us to “Stand up, my brothers and sisters.”

Finally, the chorus “We are the cure / We stand as one” encapsulates the song’s ultimate aim: unity against society’s ills. It’s a potent reminder that when we band together, we become the cure to the very problems plaguing us.

The Story Behind “For Crying Out Loud”

Understanding why this song was written offers a clearer lens to view its lyrical depth. When the band penned this anthem, they likely felt a heightened sense of social responsibility. It’s a manifesto, speaking to the collective disillusionment many feel towards a system that seems broken beyond repair.

Shiraz Lane is tapping into a growing sentiment, an awakening that is sweeping across different generations and communities. People are becoming more aware of the flaws in the structures that govern them, and they’re hungry for change. The song serves as a kind of rallying point, a call to muster for anyone who feels similarly disenchanted.

Given the state of the world—be it political unrest, social injustices, or even environmental concerns—it’s no surprise that the band would choose to channel their music into a form of activism. Rock music has a long history of challenging the status quo, and “For Crying Out Loud” fits neatly into that lineage.

The band’s state of mind when writing this was probably one of urgency, wanting to galvanize listeners into action. Because, for crying out loud, things have got to change, and Shiraz Lane is saying that the power to make that happen lies within each of us.