Sleep Token – “Atlantic” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

Joanna holds a BSc in English Literature and uses her expertise in literary analysis to uncover the deeper meaning of her favorite songs.

Sleep Token’s “Atlantic” is a hauntingly introspective track that explores emotional turbulence and inner struggle. The lyrics encapsulate a sort of desolation, both physical and emotional. Phrases like “It’s blue light over murder for me” and “So flood me like Atlantic” offer imagery of vastness and destruction, suggesting a struggle with mental health or overwhelming life circumstances.

The song seems to be a cry for help, an emotional letter from someone who’s just about to break. The songwriter seems to be using the metaphor of an ocean, both destructive and soothing, to express overwhelming feelings that are hard to put into words.

Curious about the raw emotions and vivid imagery packed into Sleep Token’s “Atlantic? We’re about to break down this intricate song’s tidal wave of meaning.

“Atlantic” Lyrics Meaning

The song opens with “Call me when they bury bodies underwater,” a line loaded with macabre undertones. It immediately evokes a sense of foreboding. But it’s not just about literal death; it seems to signify emotional burial, suggesting the protagonist is dealing with heavy, burdensome secrets.

“It’s blue light over murder for me,” continues this gloomy atmosphere. Blue light could be a metaphor for the emotional coldness or detachment that comes with facing difficult circumstances or thoughts. It feels like the singer is submerged in these emotions, and it’s killing parts of him.

“Crumble like a temple built from future daughters, To wasteland when the oceans recede,” provides another layer. Temples built from future daughters indicate hopes, dreams, or maybe even relationships that crumble under the weight of this emotional flood. The ocean’s recession mirrors this sense of loss, a withdrawal of something once thought to be ever-present.

“Marry in the morning, earn your bitter father, It’s easier to try not to eat,” seems to touch upon familial expectations and societal norms that add to the mental and emotional turmoil. Skipping meals could signify neglecting oneself in the struggle to meet external expectations.

“So flood me like Atlantic, bandage up the trenches, Anything to get me to sleep,” is a desperate call for relief. The Atlantic here is a metaphor for overwhelming emotion, perhaps depression or anxiety, that needs to be ‘bandaged’ so the singer can find some peace, some sleep.

The Story Behind “Atlantic”

“Atlantic” was created as an outlet, a channel through which Sleep Token could articulate complex emotions. The writer was likely in a state of emotional upheaval when penning this song. The very use of the term “Atlantic” to encapsulate overpowering feelings indicates a feeling of being swamped, as if the emotions are as vast and as deep as the ocean.

Sleep Token often explores themes that delve into the darker corners of the human psyche, and “Atlantic” is no exception. The song serves as a vessel for the complex emotional turmoil one might face when navigating the ups and downs of life. It echoes a sense of overwhelming exhaustion, the kind that envelops you when you’re trying to cope with multi-dimensional struggles that include not just your own emotional landscape but also the expectations and judgments of those around you.

The band uses a fusion of multiple genres and elements in their music, reflecting the myriad emotional states they often describe. When you listen to “Atlantic” you’re getting a glimpse into a very intricate emotional fabric that many of us might find familiar yet difficult to articulate. Through its evocative lyrics and complex arrangements, “Atlantic” becomes more than a song; it becomes a relatable narrative for those who have felt overwhelmed by the complexities of their own emotions, expectations, and life circumstances.