Slothrust – “Magnets, Pt. 2” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Slothrust’s “Magnets, Pt. 2” paints a vivid picture of loss, longing, and a flicker of hope. It seems to portray an individual who has lost someone significant and is dealing with the aftermath. The lyrics allude to dreams, comfort in the imagined presence of the lost one, and a hint of unresolved feelings and unfulfilled desires. It captures the internal turmoil and the quest for solace and closure. The incorporation of imagery like candles, shapes, and an orange womb suggests layers of symbolism and emotion, creating an ambiance of nostalgia and vulnerability.

Curious to know more? Keep reading and discover the intricate layers of “Magnets, Pt. 2” and the inspiration and emotions that fueled its creation.

“Magnets, Pt. 2” Lyrics Meaning

Slothrust’s “Magnets, Pt. 2” delves into the emotional chaos that comes with loss and the ensuing longing. The words, “You can not protect that which you cannot control,” lay the foundation, hinting at helplessness and inevitable loss. The extinguished candle depicts life’s transient nature and loss’s abruptness.

The recurring dreams where the lost one ensures “he’s alright” paint a poignant picture of the mind’s ways to find solace in grief. The vivid depiction of hiding in places “where there is no light” further amplifies the sense of loss and the constant search for reassurance.

The imagery of the body hitting the earth and the enveloping embrace of the earth’s “heart’s center” is not just about being buried but also about going back to the source, depicting a cycle of life and death. The comforting voice saying, “Baby, you’re inside of me, You’re safe inside my orange womb,” conveys a sense of protection and eternal connection, alleviating the worries and uncertainties lingering in the narrator’s mind.

The segment about forming magnets into different shapes seems metaphorical, reflecting the attempts to make sense of life and form coherent thoughts amidst the chaos. The carefully composed metal spheres symbolize the structure we try to impose on our disorganized thoughts and feelings.

Finally, the imagery of a junkyard and the orders from above, the laying and hatching of eggs, and the consumption of them seem to represent a cycle of creation and destruction, emphasizing the transitory nature of existence and the perpetual state of flux in our realities.

The Story Behind “Magnets, Pt. 2”

Slothrust has been known for their distinct sound and the profound, layered lyrics, and this song is a fine example of their ability to intertwine complex emotions with evocative imagery.

The song, laden with metaphors and intricate details, seems to mirror a mind trying to navigate through the murkiness of loss, simultaneously assimilating the feelings of void and solace. The juxtaposition of dreams and reality, light and dark, creation and destruction, accentuates the myriad of emotions experienced when dealing with the absence of a loved one.

The artist’s reflections on loss, and the efforts to reconcile with it, manifest in the lyrics, conveying a universal sense of grief and the human instinct to seek comfort in memories and imaginations. The symbols like the orange womb, magnets, and the junkyard serve as metaphors for protection, structure, and the chaotic nature of life, reinforcing the overarching themes of the song.

“Magnets, Pt. 2,” therefore, not only offers a musical journey but also serves as a mirror reflecting the complexities of human emotions and the eternal struggle with acceptance and letting go. It encourages listeners to explore their vulnerabilities and find solace in the shared human experience, making the song a resonant piece for anyone who has grappled with the multifaceted nature of loss.