Spiritbox – “Secret Garden” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Secret Garden” by Spiritbox dives into the realm of self-awareness, growth, and the delicate balance between vulnerability and strength. The song touches upon our internal battles, the effort to safeguard our emotions, and the power of resilience. It’s not about an external individual but rather the singer’s introspection and journey of self-discovery. This anthem is an ode to the sanctity of one’s inner world—the secret garden—and the defense mechanisms we employ to protect it.

Ever feel like your emotions are a private sanctuary, only for you? Dive into the lush and intricate world of Spiritbox’s “Secret Garden” and discover what it truly means to guard your heart.

“Secret Garden” Lyrics Meaning

The song kicks off with retrospection: “Looking back, you’re mistaken.” This might hint at previous self-doubts or perceptions the singer had about herself. It questions whether it was “drought or euphoria” that led to her current state of self-awareness. Was it pain, or was it sheer joy?

“Hopeful in the fault line” paints a picture of someone finding hope even in shaky grounds or during tumultuous times. The juxtaposition of “perfect illusion” and the mention of walking an island “into silence” highlights the fine line between reality and the mirages we sometimes live in. Sometimes, we might feel isolated or choose to isolate our emotions to cope.

“I can feel the rain this time” is deeply evocative. The rain could symbolize catharsis or a refreshing new perspective that she can truly experience now.

“Two hands are guarding my heart” vividly conveys the idea of protecting oneself from potential emotional harm. These lines resonate with many who’ve put walls up after being hurt.

The chorus: “Nobody waits for me, but I know / Nobody takes from me what I grow” is powerfully defiant. It speaks of self-reliance and the realization that the sanctuary she’s cultivated—the ‘secret garden’—is sacred and untouchable.

The latter parts of the song, especially the repetition of “Nobody waits for me / Nobody takes from me,” emphasize a kind of self-empowerment. It’s a declaration of boundaries and the strength she’s harnessed over time.

The Story Behind “Secret Garden”

The band’s lead singer, Courtney LaPlante, has often alluded to the emotional rollercoasters artists go through, especially when navigating the music industry’s challenges, personal battles, and the ever-evolving journey of self-discovery.

The birth of “Secret Garden” was inspired by a phase of reflection and introspection. At the time of writing, LaPlante and the band might have been delving into the concept of emotional boundaries and the importance of nurturing and protecting one’s inner sanctum. Artists, given their exposure and the nature of their work, often feel the pressure to be open books, constantly sharing and giving pieces of themselves. This song might be a response to that— a reminder that it’s okay to have a sacred space just for oneself.

Moreover, the challenges of the music industry, personal life events, or even global happenings can heavily influence an artist’s state of mind. The repetitive emphasis on “Nobody waits for me / Nobody takes from me” might mirror a period where the band felt the need to assert their autonomy, resilience, and individuality amidst external pressures.

In essence, “Secret Garden” could be Spiritbox’s ode to emotional autonomy, a message that it’s okay to take a step back, reflect, and guard one’s emotional well-being. Through their music, they encourage listeners to find and nurture their own ‘secret garden’—a personal haven amidst life’s storms.