Steve Lacy – “Dark Red” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Dark Red” by Steve Lacy delves into the depths of fear and vulnerability surrounding love and relationships. The singer conveys a gnawing sense of an impending breakup, though his fears aren’t necessarily rooted in reality but a gut feeling. The song captures the sometimes tormenting uncertainties that love can breed. The recurring phrase “only you” underscores the protagonist’s intense emotional investment in his relationship. This emotional dependence, fear of rejection, and the confusion between real and perceived threats form the narrative backbone of the song.

Intrigued by the intricate blend of fear, love, and uncertainty in Steve Lacy’s “Dark Red”? Come along for a deep dive into this emotional roller coaster.

“Dark Red” Lyrics Meaning

From the opening lines, “Something bad is ’bout to happen to me”, Lacy expresses an impending sense of disaster. He feels a break-up looming, though not based on any solid evidence, but more on an instinct. He fears that his partner might be on the verge of leaving him.

He then pleads, “Don’t you give me up, please don’t give up. Honey, I belong with you, and only you, baby”, signifying a deep attachment and emotional dependence on his partner. The desperation in these lines brings to the forefront the fear of abandonment and the intensity of his feelings.

The protagonist finds himself ruminating on his partner constantly, which heightens his anxiety and sense of impending loss. His fixation is almost obsessive, amplifying the fear of the possible end of the relationship.

Towards the end, Lacy questions, “What if she’s fine? It’s my mind that’s wrong.” Here, he introduces a new dimension of self-awareness and introspection. He starts doubting his own fears and considers whether these insecurities are more of a creation of his own mind rather than the actions of his partner.

Through “Dark Red”, Steve Lacy successfully takes us on an emotional journey. He showcases the complexities of love, from fear and uncertainty to deep emotional attachment, making his music a true reflection of the human condition.

The Story Behind “Dark Red”

Diving deeper into the story behind “Dark Red” can help us better understand the lyrical content. The song came out in 2017, a time when Lacy was still a teenager. Given his young age, it’s fair to assume that he was navigating the complexities of young love when he penned these lyrics.

Lacy, as part of the band, The Internet, has always shown a unique ability to create music that captures raw and intense emotion, and “Dark Red” is no exception. He has a knack for creating deeply emotional narratives, and “Dark Red” might have stemmed from his own experiences and observations of relationships around him.

While Lacy has not publicly discussed the direct inspiration behind this song, it’s clear that he was in a state of emotional vulnerability when writing it. The insecurity, anxiety, and fear of loss expressed in the song could be a reflection of Lacy’s own experiences or his empathetic understanding of such emotions in a relationship.

At the heart of it all, the main theme of “Dark Red” revolves around fear – the fear of loss, fear of abandonment, and fear of the unknown. The rawness of these emotions and the vulnerability on display suggest that Lacy was in a deeply introspective and sensitive phase when creating this piece.

By understanding the context and mindset behind “Dark Red,” listeners can better appreciate the depth of emotion and nuance that Lacy brings to this powerful song. It underscores the timeless truth that love and fear often go hand in hand, and it’s this human element that makes “Dark Red” such a resonant piece of music.