Stevie Wonder – “Ribbon in the Sky” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky” is a soulful homage to the serendipitous nature of love. The song, laden with ethereal imagery, tells a tale of a love that’s predestined, painted across the canvas of the sky. Through poetic verses, Wonder stresses the divine and intentional design of this romantic connection. Essentially, the song celebrates a love that’s written in the stars, a bond so strong that even the heavens adorn it with a ribbon.

Intrigued by celestial metaphors and soul-stirring melodies? “Ribbon in the Sky” is a melodic journey you wouldn’t want to miss. Unpack the layers with us!

“Ribbon in the Sky” Lyrics Meaning

Beginning with the line, “Oh, so long for this night I prayed,” Stevie captures the essence of longing and the wait that love often demands. The desire for a guiding star points to seeking a destined partner, emphasizing the idea of cosmic alignment in finding love.

The “ribbon in the sky” emerges as a recurring symbol of this love story. In many cultures, ribbons can signify binding, commitment, and celebration. By placing it in the sky, the love is painted as grand, omnipresent, and divinely sanctioned.

The words, “This is not a coincidence, And far more than a lucky chance” further push the narrative of predestination. Love, according to Wonder, is not an accident but an orchestration, a plan that was always in place.

Another key verse, “Love, we can’t lose with God on our side” delves into the spiritual undertone of the song. This love isn’t just physical or emotional – it’s spiritual. This divine backing ensures strength, resilience, and endurance, as indicated in “We’ll find strength in each tear we cry.”

Towards the end, the repetitive mentioning of “There’s a ribbon in the sky” serves as a musical and lyrical crescendo, emphasizing the persistent and eternal nature of such love. The love is there, always, visible, and celebrated by the universe.

The Story Behind “Ribbon in the Sky”

In the pantheon of great musicians, Stevie Wonder stands as a luminary figure. Known for his profound lyricism and the ability to weave intricate tales of love, Wonder has always had a knack for touching souls.

When he penned “Ribbon in the Sky,” it was during a phase of his life marked by introspection and spiritual exploration. Wonder was delving deep into themes of love, fate, and the universe’s grand design. He was intrigued by the idea of celestial destinies and love that transcends the mundane.

This song, while a romantic ballad at its core, also has strong spiritual undertones. It mirrors Wonder’s own beliefs about love being a divine force, guided and celebrated by a higher power. Love, for him, was not just an earthly emotion but a cosmic force, ordained and blessed from above.

There’s also the musical genius of Wonder to consider. His use of melodies to emphasize the celestial nature of love speaks volumes of his craftsmanship. The gentle crescendos, the harmonious blends, all come together to paint a picture of love that’s as vast and infinite as the sky.

In essence, “Ribbon in the Sky” is not just a song. It’s a testament to love’s eternal and omnipresent nature, a message that Wonder felt compelled to share with the world. And through his musical genius, he did just that, reminding everyone that true love is always up there, painted in the sky, waiting to be found.