Stone Sour – “Tired” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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The song “Tired” by Stone Sour is a raw exploration of existential frustration and the struggle for authenticity in a world that often tries to box us in. It’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt “alive yet incomplete,” grappling with the balance between societal expectations and personal freedom. The songwriter, Corey Taylor, seems to ponder on the challenge of being genuinely “alive” in a world that paradoxically tries to “cancel you out.” The song is a wake-up call to find your own sense of self and not succumb to the judgments and labels society places upon you.

Curious how a rock song can dive into the depths of existentialism and the search for authenticity? Stick around to unpack the layers behind Stone Sour’s “Tired.”

“Tired” Lyrics Meaning

The song opens with the lines, “I’m alive in here, so alive in here / Pulling down a little peace.” It’s the inner turmoil of feeling intensely alive yet at odds with the world. Like, hey, I’m here, I’m living, but it’s not as easy as it looks. The song’s lyrical narrative progresses to the concept of being “open-wide” yet “slow to rise,” indicating vulnerability and hesitancy, perhaps to conform to external standards.

“You say this only makes me incomplete / I’m canceled out and rendered obsolete” further elaborates the struggle with societal expectations. The protagonist feels discounted and dismissed, struggling with the idea that they are “incomplete” in someone else’s eyes. It’s a reflection on cancel culture and the fickleness of public opinion, suggesting the idea that people’s worth shouldn’t be tied to the approval of others.

“Tell the mad chameleon, he’s not welcome anymore / I know what I’m looking for” speaks to a realization. It’s time to stop adapting and conforming; the protagonist is determined to pursue what genuinely resonates with them.

The refrain, “Somewhere close, somewhere safe / Somewhere I know, I know I’ll never live in chains,” adds another layer. It’s the longing for a space—physical, emotional, or spiritual—where they can be their authentic self without judgment or constraints.

The latter part of the song touches on a darker realm: “I just wanna watch the whole world burn.” It’s not a literal call for anarchy but an expression of sheer frustration with the status quo.

The Story Behind “Tired”

When Corey Taylor, the songwriter, wrote “Tired,” he was at a phase in his life when he was questioning a lot. The song seems to come from a period of intense self-reflection and a bit of existential frustration. Taylor is known for his raw, emotional lyricism and “Tired” is no exception.

The song was released as a part of their 2013 album, “House of Gold & Bones – Part 1,” a concept album with a comic book series to accompany it. This song fits snugly into the album’s overarching theme, exploring the complexity of human emotions and the journey to self-discovery.

During interviews around the time of the album release, Taylor revealed he was dealing with the pressure of external judgments and the internal urge to break free. For him, the song is an affirmation of self-worth and a battle cry against societal labels.

This background enriches our understanding of “Tired” as more than just another rock song. It adds weight to the words and resonates deeply with anyone who has ever felt constrained by external circumstances or judgments. It’s a call to recognize and embrace one’s unique sense of self in a world that too often tries to make us something we’re not.