Supertramp – “Easy Does It” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

Joanna holds a BSc in English Literature and uses her expertise in literary analysis to uncover the deeper meaning of her favorite songs.

“Easy Does It” by Supertramp is all about self-awareness, taking things slowly, and cherishing moments. It’s a nod to recognizing one’s self-worth and potential. The song isn’t particularly about someone else but rather a reminder to the listener. The songwriter likely penned this as an anthem for self-care and understanding one’s unique journey.

Let’s analyze the timeless message from Supertramp, urging everyone to take a step back, breathe, and just be.

“Easy Does It” Lyrics Meaning

“And if my thoughts had wings
I’d be the bird that sings”
This line paints a picture of freedom, expression, and the joy of uninhibited thought.

“I’d fly where love isn’t shy
And everyone is willing to try”
It’s about searching for a place where love is open, and genuine, and where everyone is open to giving things a shot.

“And if we had the time
That time’s so hard to find”
Time, often elusive, is precious. The song acknowledges the hustle and bustle of life that makes genuine moments rare.

“I could believe what you say
Start sending those shadows away”
Here, there’s trust. If there was time to connect truly, we could rid ourselves of doubts and worries.

“And if you know who you are
You are your own superstar”
A celebration of self-awareness! Recognize your worth, understand your strengths, and own them.

“Only you can shape the movie that you make”
Your life’s journey is like a movie, and you’re the director. The choices, the script, the narrative – it’s all in your hands.

“So when the lights disappear
And only the silence is here”
It’s about introspection. In those quiet moments, when the world fades, it’s just you and your thoughts.

“Watch yourself, easy does it, easy does it, easy while you wake”
A gentle reminder to take things slow. Sometimes, slowing down and savoring the moments is essential in the race of life.

“So when the crowds disappear
And only the silence is near”
Again emphasizing solitude, reflection, and understanding oneself without the noise of the world around.

The Story Behind “Easy Does It”

Supertramp, over the years, has been known for their introspective lyrics and often profound messages. At various junctures in their career, they’ve dealt with themes of disillusionment, personal evolution, and, at times, a sense of being lost in the modern world’s shuffle. “Easy Does It” comes off as an antidote to the overwhelming rush of life, possibly suggesting a time when the band felt the pressures and rigors of the music industry and their personal journeys.

Given the song’s emphasis on self-worth and introspection, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that the songwriter sought solace in self-understanding and acceptance. The recurring lines about silence, being oneself, and taking things easy give the impression of someone looking for calm amidst the storm.

Furthermore, the message about being one’s own “superstar” sheds light on the idea of self-sufficiency. It’s a powerful reminder that external validation while gratifying, is transient. What’s lasting and genuinely fulfilling is the value we attribute to ourselves.

In conclusion, “Easy Does It” seems to have sprung from a period of reflection, perhaps even a quest for inner peace. It’s a beautiful reminder from Supertramp that amid life’s chaos, we must find our rhythm and dance to our tune.