Tash Sultana – “Notion” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Notion” by Tash Sultana is a heartfelt exploration of the human condition, underpinned by an experience of longing and the complexity of emotions. The song is an introspective journey through the singer’s mind as they grapple with the ebb and flow of emotion, symbolized by the deep ocean. Through the lyrics, Sultana captures a sense of yearning, acknowledging the struggle and ultimately surrendering to the profound feelings associated with love.

The song isn’t about a specific person but rather about the universal experience of love and longing. Sultana wrote “Notion” to explore these emotions and to offer comfort to listeners experiencing similar feelings.

Craving a deeper dive into Tash Sultana’s “Notion”? Stick around as we unravel the layers beneath this beautiful song, revealing its potent emotion and universal appeal.

“Notion” Lyrics Meaning

“I hear the birds… I can’t take my mind off of you.” These opening lines set the tone for the song. Amid the mundane elements of life (birds singing, sirens ringing), there’s a single focus of the singer’s attention – their love. The sheer strength of their emotion overshadows all else, reflecting the intensity of deep love or longing.

“A thousand words, pouring out… You said it’d be alright.” Here, Sultana expresses the struggle of voicing feelings. While words can create a bridge between two people, they can also widen the gap, especially when the receiver isn’t as receptive or understanding. Despite reassurances, doubt lingers.

The recurring lines “How ’bout these notions… Singing hallelujah” form the chorus and are central to the song’s meaning. The term “notions” refers to thoughts, feelings, or impressions, while “deep as ocean” illustrates their intensity. These notions (of love, longing) are so profound that they’re like cries (calling out, screaming) and praises (singing hallelujah) combined, suggesting a mix of pain, reverence, and surrender to these feelings.

“Tell your mother, she don’t understand… This pain will heal.” This section speaks to the lack of understanding from others. However, the singer remains resilient, suggesting that while the pain is palpable, it’s also transient and will eventually heal.

“I will follow you… Singing hallelujah to you.” This is a declaration of commitment, an affirmation of following love despite the complexities and difficulties. The song ends with the singer deeply immersed in these emotions, further emphasizing the depth of their feelings.

The Story Behind “Notion”

Tash Sultana’s personal experiences and introspective journey have largely shaped “Notion”. It captures their state of mind during a period of intense emotion and self-reflection. The song becomes a therapeutic tool, an outlet to express their profound feelings and thoughts. The notion of the deep ocean symbolizes the depth and breadth of these emotions, with the repeated chorus serving as a haunting reminder of their intensity. The song isn’t just about Sultana’s journey but also speaks to the universal human experience of love, longing, and healing, making it resonate with listeners worldwide.

Sultana has often spoken about the importance of authenticity and connection in their music. “Notion” appears to have been written during a period of vulnerability, perhaps even turmoil, given the poignant and intense emotions conveyed through the lyrics. It reflects a time when Sultana was grappling with deep feelings, seeking understanding and acceptance from those around them, while also acknowledging the transient nature of pain.

As the song unfolds, we observe a shift in Sultana’s mindset. They move from seeking validation to self-acceptance and healing. This progression reflects personal growth and the transformative power of introspection. The song encourages listeners to acknowledge their feelings, no matter how deep or overwhelming, and reassures them that pain will eventually subside.

“The chain is made of string… I will follow you Into the dark.” These lines evoke a sense of determined loyalty and commitment, despite the hardships. The chain made of string can be seen as the delicate yet strong connection between two individuals in a relationship, highlighting that while it may seem fragile, it’s strong enough to withstand the test of time and challenges.

The closing lines, “I’m in the deep end, ocean… Singing hallelujah to you,” encapsulate the journey through the song. Sultana is fully immersed in their emotions, still surrendering and praising the experience. It’s a testament to their courage and resilience and serves as an invitation to listeners to embrace their feelings with similar bravery and honesty.

In conclusion, “Notion” by Tash Sultana is more than a song; it’s a journey of introspection, acceptance, and ultimately, healing. It’s a testament to Sultana’s ability to turn personal experiences into universal truths, creating a sonic space where listeners can explore their feelings and find comfort in shared experiences. The song stands as a beacon of authenticity, reminding us all of the power and beauty of raw, unfiltered emotion.